BI Handheld Shopper Gadget

bi-handheld-personal-shopperThe BI Handheld Shopper Gadget is a concept device that aims to help you find various shops. Looks wise, the renderings look great. It has an interchangeable back cover along with a gloss black face and steel detailing making it look rather good – in theory.

Inside you’ll find a GPS receiver that tracks your current location and the interface is designed with shopping in mind as it lists all the local shops that are nearby and overlays them on a satellite image.

I am sure there is some fancy augmented reality application that does the same on the iPhone, but if you fancy a gadget dedicated to helping you spend cash in all the local shops then this could be for you.

It was designed by Simon Enever and details can be found over on Simon’s site. More pics below…


Via: Tuvie, GearFuse and Infoniac

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