Nintendo 3DS Concept Fan-Made Rendering

If you are wondering what the new Nintendo 3DS will look like then perhaps this fan-made rendering might give you some idea. The concept drawing uses a similar format to the traditional DS whereby the screen flips open. The top screen is 3D and the bottom screen looks to be regular 2D.

The controls for the 3DS have been moved to the outside of the device in that they don’t get covered up when the top screen closes down. The left houses the D-Pad and an analogue stick while the right has the SNES style YXBA 4 button setup.

Of course these are just fan-made renderings, so perhaps they will actually be nowhere near what the 3DS will look like, but due to them looking quite good I thought I’d mention them anyway.

The design was done by Oliver Demangel where more of his pictures can be found over on Flickr.

Two more images can be found below along with a larger image of the one from above.

Via: Yanko


  1. this one looks cool but the original is really ugly!!

  2. what does the original look like then?
    can you send me a link?

  3. so ugly

  4. Am i blind or it is really reminds the PSP?

  5. Emo Timai says

    i like that but is it deffinately going to happen?

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