Solar Ivy – Solar Panels that Look Like Ivy

Although I like the idea of putting solar panels on the roof of my home, I’m just not sure that they look good. These Solar Ivy panels aim to be a little different though making them more acceptable by making them look like Ivy growing on your house when viewed from a short distance away.

The idea is just concept at the moment although the company who are wanting to develop Solar Ivy are looking to win a $50,000 Pepsi Refresh Project grant. The company responsible for the idea are called S.M.I.T which means Sustainably Minded Interactive Technology.

Although they are a while away from being produced (if at all) it does give you an idea that solar panels don’t just have to be rectangular blocks sitting on the roof of your home. As of now it is not known how many bits of Ivy you’ll need to keep your home powered either and I bet it wont be cheap when it launches. Still a great idea though!

Via: Craziest Gadgets and DVice

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