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Motorola DROID 2 Keyboard?

The image of two keyboards shown here is supposedly a comparison of the Motorola DROID and the DROID 2. Of course we can easily confirm the top keyboard as this device has been out for half a year now.

As you can see there is quite a difference between the two with the obvious drop of the D-Pad. An addition of some arrow keys have arrived on the bottom right of the QWERTY and due to the dropping of the D-Pad it also looks like the keys are slightly larger, assuming that both devices are at the same scale.

The key depth has also been changed with each key being slightly raised rather than being flat like on the original DROID. [Read more…]

Apple iPhone 4G HD Display Put Under a Microscope

The new Apple iPhone 4G is said to have a very high resolution screen with reports indicating 960 x 640 pixels.

If those reports are true then the screen will use IPS technology that has been seen in the new Apple iPad along with FFS (fringe-field switching) to make even clearer images. With the 960 x 640 resolution and the 3.5 inch screen size, this indicates a 320ppi making it a lot finer than other screens on phones such as the Google Nexus One.

The screen somehow landed in the hands of a company in the Czech Republic although it seems like they just got a screen and not a phone. They were unable to power it on, so the images captured are not lit by the screen. [Read more…]

Nook Wi-Fi Only Passes through FCC

It appears that a new version of the Barnes & Noble Nook might be launching. The new version appears to just have a WiFi connection rather than a WiFi+3G connection in the regular version.

The Nook has an FCC ID of BNRZ100 with a description that says “EBOOK, WLAN, AND USB PORTS WITHOUT WWAN.”.

WWAN is referring to a cellular connection here, hence the lack of 3G. [Read more…]

iPad UK Launch – Stock Still Available at PC World in Many Locations

Although the Apple [AAPL] store in London had queues of around 500 people around 6pm last night, it still seems you can pick up an iPad today in the UK if you want to. The iPad UK launch was considered a success with an estimated 200,000 sold in the first day.

Checking on the PC World site this morning we still see that many locations around the UK still have more than 10 iPads in stock although specific models are not broken down. We heard yesterday that the iPad UK launch saw many 16GB Wi-Fi+33G models being sold and this was the model commonly out of stock.

As well as PC World having more than 10 units at each location, we also see that Currys locations around the country have more than 10 in stock. PC World and Currys are part of the same company and use the same types of list to show stock which only indicates there is stock, not what stock. [Read more…]

Microsoft Bing to Become Default Search on iPhone OS – Rumour

Some rumours about the new iPhone OS using Bing as the default for search are going around at the moment although in an update to TechCrunch they were told it’s a little more complicated than just switching over.

The original rumour said that Bing would replace Google as the default next month when Apple [AAPL] launch iPhone OS 4.0, but the updates said that it wont happen next month due to the complications. It isn’t clear if this means there are delays to iPhone using bing, or if it’s not happening at all.

A few months ago we heard that Google [GOOG] pay Apple somewhere in the region of $100 Million a year to be the default search on iPhone although TechCrunch also hear that Google aren’t paying anything like that. [Read more…]

Amazon Kindle Slim Version Launching in August – Rumour

A new rumour about the Amazon Kindle has started. The rumours now circulate around an Amazon Kindle Slim version that will shave some of the bulk of the original model.

As well as being a thinner device, the third generation Amazon Kindle will also have a more responsive screen that will have a sharper picture. Neither touchscreen or colour will be included in the new slim Kindle.

Earlier this week the CEO of Amazon said that colour isn’t in the immediate future although it is being looked at. Perhaps we could see a colour Kindle next year although we are just speculating here. [Read more…]

Apple iPhone on Verizon arriving November – Rumour

Yesterday a rumour about Steve Ballmer speaking at WWDC 2010 for 7 minutes surfaced from an analyst. Microsoft [MSFT] quickly shot the rumour down saying it was false. So now when we hear things from analyst’s we also have to take it with a pinch of salt, just like this next rumour.

We now hear that Verizon [VZ] will be getting the Apple iPhone in November, just in time for the holiday season. The information comes from Ashok Kumar who said the Verizon iPhone does and will exist. A company called Pegatron will be making the iPhones ready for shipping late this year. We have heard before that 10 million iPhones are being prepared for shipping on the Verizon network, so it’s not a new rumour. [Read more…]

iPhone Insurance from AT&T Coming Soon – $13.99/Mo

Starting June 6, AT&T [T] will offer a new product called MobileProtect. MobileProtect is basically iPhone Insurance that protects your expensive gadget from damage. The cost of the insurance is $13.99/month and will be made available for purchase through the Apple app store with billing going direct to the card you have on file with Apple [AAPL]. The insurance plan is run by a company called Asurion.

When purchasing a new iPhone you need to opt in to take advantage of the insurance within 30 days of purchase.

The downside of course is that the insurance costs in the region of $168/year to protect your phone which is fairly steep if you ask us. I’d be inclined to just take more care of your phone at that sort of cost. [Read more…]

Sony Vaio P Series gets Crocodile Skin Covering

The Sony Vaio P Series was recently updated with a new version bringing several new features to the portable netbook/laptop device.

This new version comes with a crocodile skin cover (fake BTW) to give it a little more of a unique touch.

On to the technical specs, the Crocodile version is just the same as the other versions inside and has an Intel Atom Z560 processor, a 256GB SSD and an optional 12 hour battery is available. [Read more…]

Apple TV Relaunching with iPhone OS and Cloud Storage

Apple [AAPL] is launching a new iteration of the Apple TV. The new version will integrate heavily with Apple’s mobile offerings such as iPhone OS that runs on the iPhone and iPad.

The new structure will be based on the iPhone 4 architecture and will run the A4 CPU and have 16GB of flash storage. The system will be capable of 1080p Full HD and design wise, will follow how other Apple products work in that a limited amount of cables will be used… one for power and one to hook it up to a TV. [Read more…]

Mac Memorial Day Sale

MacMall has started a sale today for Memorial Day on Monday. The sale starts now and runs till 6/1 at 11:59pm.

Some deals you can get hold of include offers on MacBooks, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac and Mac Mini with savings going in to triple figures in some cases on the more expensive items. [Read more…]

iPad UK Launch a Success for Apple

The iPad UK launch happened today, May 28, and from what we hear it was a great success for Apple [AAPL].

Stores opened this morning for the iPad UK launch at 8am with a number of stores having people queue up outside since the night before.

Although the UK iPad launch has been successful, surprisingly there are still some stocks available in various locations. Geeky Gadgets called around a number of stores and from what they heard, the Apple iPad 16GB Wi-Fi+3G was the most popular and often out of stock, although other models were in stock at the time of calling. [Read more…]