iPhone Insurance from AT&T Coming Soon – $13.99/Mo

Starting June 6, AT&T [T] will offer a new product called MobileProtect. MobileProtect is basically iPhone Insurance that protects your expensive gadget from damage. The cost of the insurance is $13.99/month and will be made available for purchase through the Apple app store with billing going direct to the card you have on file with Apple [AAPL]. The insurance plan is run by a company called Asurion.

When purchasing a new iPhone you need to opt in to take advantage of the insurance within 30 days of purchase.

The downside of course is that the insurance costs in the region of $168/year to protect your phone which is fairly steep if you ask us. I’d be inclined to just take more care of your phone at that sort of cost.

Documents showing the new iPhone insurance plan can be found in the images below although it’s a little difficult to read, it’s still readable if you look close.

Would you purchase iPhone insurance at this price?

Via: BGR

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