Motorola DROID 2 Keyboard?

The image of two keyboards shown here is supposedly a comparison of the Motorola DROID and the DROID 2. Of course we can easily confirm the top keyboard as this device has been out for half a year now.

As you can see there is quite a difference between the two with the obvious drop of the D-Pad. An addition of some arrow keys have arrived on the bottom right of the QWERTY and due to the dropping of the D-Pad it also looks like the keys are slightly larger, assuming that both devices are at the same scale.

The key depth has also been changed with each key being slightly raised rather than being flat like on the original DROID.

Of course, the second image might be a fake although it does look very convincing and still has that DROID look about it with the right side edging being slightly larger than the left side.

It does look like a decent upgrade for the device and hopefully will be better to use. We’ll get more details as the DROID 2 is officially announced.


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