Microsoft Bing to Become Default Search on iPhone OS – Rumour

Some rumours about the new iPhone OS using Bing as the default for search are going around at the moment although in an update to TechCrunch they were told it’s a little more complicated than just switching over.

The original rumour said that Bing would replace Google as the default next month when Apple [AAPL] launch iPhone OS 4.0, but the updates said that it wont happen next month due to the complications. It isn’t clear if this means there are delays to iPhone using bing, or if it’s not happening at all.

A few months ago we heard that Google [GOOG] pay Apple somewhere in the region of $100 Million a year to be the default search on iPhone although TechCrunch also hear that Google aren’t paying anything like that.

It will be certainly an interesting announcement about the new Apple iPhone 4G and hopefully Steve will also provide the iPhone OS 4.0 release date. When we have the final build of OS 4.0, we will know for sure this time around if Google are being switched out for Bing.

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