Apple iPhone 4G – 24 Million to Ship in 2010

Digitimes is reporting today that Foxconn will be shipping 24 million Apple iPhone 4G units this year. 4.5 million units will be shipping in the first half and that will be followed by 19.5 million units in the final half of 2010. Apple [AAPL] is planning on the 4G being a huge success.

Foxconn will ship 4.5 million units in the first half and 19.5 million units for the rest of 2010. Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 4G on June 7, 2010 during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

We also hear that the iPhone 4G will use an IPS (in plane switching) screen just like the technology used in the Apple iPad. As well as using IPS the screens will also use FFS (fringe-field switching). The resolution of the iPhone 4G screen will be 960 x 640 which is significantly higher than the iPhone 3GS that has a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels.

The screens used on the iPhone 4G are being provided by LG and and Prime View International. The FFS technology used allows for an even wider viewing angle and better visual quality when using the phone in direct sunlight.

The processor running the Apple iPhone 4G will be an Arm Cortex A8. 512MB of memory will be provided by Samsung which doubles the memory of the iPhone 3GS.

To keep battery performance at decent levels the panel is 33% thinner allowing for a larger battery to be used in the next gen iPhone. However, battery statistics have not been revealed just yet.

We should hear the official details on June 7.

Via: Digitimes

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