Nook Wi-Fi Only Passes through FCC

It appears that a new version of the Barnes & Noble Nook might be launching. The new version appears to just have a WiFi connection rather than a WiFi+3G connection in the regular version.

The Nook has an FCC ID of BNRZ100 with a description that says “EBOOK, WLAN, AND USB PORTS WITHOUT WWAN.”.

WWAN is referring to a cellular connection here, hence the lack of 3G.

It isn’t known at the moment how much Barnes & Noble will sell the 3G-less version for. The regular version sells for $260, so perhaps a $100 drop isn’t out of the question bearing in mind what Apple charges for those wanting the 3G iPad vs the WiFi only model.

We don’t know when the Wireless Nook will launch, but as soon as we get details along with pricing, we’ll let you know.

Via: Engadget

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