iPad UK Launch – Stock Still Available at PC World in Many Locations

Although the Apple [AAPL] store in London had queues of around 500 people around 6pm last night, it still seems you can pick up an iPad today in the UK if you want to. The iPad UK launch was considered a success with an estimated 200,000 sold in the first day.

Checking on the PC World site this morning we still see that many locations around the UK still have more than 10 iPads in stock although specific models are not broken down. We heard yesterday that the iPad UK launch saw many 16GB Wi-Fi+33G models being sold and this was the model commonly out of stock.

As well as PC World having more than 10 units at each location, we also see that Currys locations around the country have more than 10 in stock. PC World and Currys are part of the same company and use the same types of list to show stock which only indicates there is stock, not what stock.

Unfortunately you cannot order online at Currys or PCWorld, so you’ll need to get yourself down there quickly this morning if you want to get your hands on an iPad today. Alternatively you can call your local Apple store to see if they have them in stock although online orders through Apple are taking a few weeks to arrive now, so if they have stock it’s best to get there asap.

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