iPad UK Launch a Success for Apple

The iPad UK launch happened today, May 28, and from what we hear it was a great success for Apple [AAPL].

Stores opened this morning for the iPad UK launch at 8am with a number of stores having people queue up outside since the night before.

Although the UK iPad launch has been successful, surprisingly there are still some stocks available in various locations. Geeky Gadgets called around a number of stores and from what they heard, the Apple iPad 16GB Wi-Fi+3G was the most popular and often out of stock, although other models were in stock at the time of calling.

Also, Geeky Gadgets were told that stocks of the iPad were expected in daily, so you might still be able to get hold of one tonight, or tomorrow although the longer you leave it you might end up with an even longer wait.

Estimations indicate that 200,000 have been sold in the UK today. It is unclear if the 200,000 sold also includes all pre-orders that were shipped early yesterday.

If you are looking at picking one up tonight, just keep in mind that there could be another rush for them when businesses close down for the weekend.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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