Sony VAIO P Series – New Models Announced

Sony has announced new models in the Sony VAIO P Series. The new ultra-portable PCs weigh just over 600g and have a number of new features which includes a GPS sensor and a Digital Compass along with an accelerometer. 3G is built in to the new VAIO P series also allowing connectivity whilst on the move.

The new ultra-portable is described by Sony as giving a fully-features Windows computing experience… and so much more (in their words). By adding the extra functions such as the GPS, digital compass and 3G connectivity, it certainly does add a bit of versatility to the ultra-portable.

On the keyboard a trackball can be found along with a couple of buttons. Also duplicated is a set of more mouse controls that can be found at the edges of the screen. Both a touchpad and left/right mouse buttons can be found down the left/right side of the screen allowing you to control the ultra-portable VAIO P with your thumbs as pictured above.

GPS is used for both mapping/navigation as well as location based services if required. For example, you could search on Google for a local Indian restaurant and the GPS will let Google know where you are and provide search results on restaurants in your current area.

The accelerometer on the VAIO P is used for gesture controls where the device detects movement and acts on that. Giving the VAIO P a shake will flick through pages of a PDF document or scroll through images etc…

The accelerometer also detects orientation of the VAIO P in that you can rotate it to portrait mode and the screen will automatically follow.

The new VAIO P Series will come in five colours of black, white, pink, green and orange and they will be launched in June this year.

Via: Engadget

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