Steve Ballmer could be on-stage at WWDC 2010

In a couple of weeks time on June 7, the Apple [AAPL] WWDC 2010 will kick off. The event will start with Steve Jobs offering a key note at 10am where we expect to see the Apple iPhone 4G announced along with details of the Apple iPhone OS 4.0 release date. Due to all the iPhone 4G leaks over the past couple of months, a number of people wonder how “groundbreaking” the keynote can be from Jobs due to pretty much everything leaking about the said device.

Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry is predicting that the Microsoft [MSFT] CEO Steve Ballmer could be making a seven minute guest appearance during Steve Jobs keynote.

It is believed that Steve Ballmer will be making an appearance to discuss and present details of iPhone OS 4.0 and Mac development tools showing up in Visual Studio 2010. Trip also mentions that if Steve Ballmer doesn’t show up personally, then it could be Bob Muglia who is the head of the Microsoft Server and Tools division. It’s quite a prediction and one that many could be doubting will happen. It’s less than two weeks before we find out for sure though.

Munster of Piper Jaffray is also predicting that Apple will not announce a CDMA iPhone at this event and that the iPhone 4G will stay exclusive at AT&T at launch.

It will certainly be an interesting event to see due to all the leaks we have seen recently. Lets hope Apple come up with something interesting to make it an event worth remembering.

Via: SlashGear

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