Amazon Kindle Slim Version Launching in August – Rumour

A new rumour about the Amazon Kindle has started. The rumours now circulate around an Amazon Kindle Slim version that will shave some of the bulk of the original model.

As well as being a thinner device, the third generation Amazon Kindle will also have a more responsive screen that will have a sharper picture. Neither touchscreen or colour will be included in the new slim Kindle.

Earlier this week the CEO of Amazon said that colour isn’t in the immediate future although it is being looked at. Perhaps we could see a colour Kindle next year although we are just speculating here.

‘I’ve seen some stuff in the laboratory, but it’s not quite ready for prime-time production, Bezos said May 25 at the company’s annual shareholders meeting.

Although the new Apple iPad has sold over 1 million units and now even more with a successful iPad UK launch yesterday, it seems that fast colour IPS screens are the way forwards. Amazon still is using eInk and although slower (a lot slower) and still black and white with perhaps a few scales in between, the screens do help with battery life in that the kindle can go for days rather than hours between charge. Amazon looks to be sticking with the e-ink route for now.

Via: Bloomberg

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