10 Million CDMA iPhones Heading to Verizon – Rumour

According to Digitimes, an order of 10 Million CDMA Apple iPhone units has been made which indicates they could be heading to Verizon. Of course this is just a mere rumour though as we also heard earlier this week that the deal between AT&T [T] and Apple [AAPL] was for 5 years and started in 2007 and will run to 2012 although this is currently being challenged.

If the exclusivity ends that AT&T currently have then Verizon would surely welcome the iPhone on to their network. This rumour ads to many other rumours over the last few months that have indicated that this year will be the year where Verizon finally get to offer the iPhone. Of course, until we receive official notification from Apple or Verizon, we will never know for sure.

The next gen Apple iPhone 4G is expected to launch next month on a rumoured June 21 date with an announcement a week or two before at the WWDC event. Perhaps we will find out for sure what’s happening at the WWDC event.

For those who want an iPhone, or use an iPhone on AT&T, would you switch to Verizon?

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  1. Jeff SKI Kinsey says

    I _am_ on Verizon. So yes.

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