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Sony Creates the Worlds Smallest HD Camera – The MCB1172

Sony, often known for shrinking electronics down a tad, have created the MCB1172 which is the worlds smallest HD camera. The camera is smaller then a coin at 9.5mm x 7.1mm and is capable of capturing images at 8.3 megapixels. The camera is said to already be entering the mass production status which is great. [Read more…]

Steampunk LCD Monitor

A standard LCD monitor has been given a new look in the shape of Steampunk. The LCD monitor is a regular 19″ from Envision and has had added a 1/8″ solid brass frame, corners and more frame details to give it that old fashioned modern weirdish look. Brass feet can be found holding it up along with brass plated brackets and solid brass screws. Check out the full range of pictures after the jump. [Read more…]

Gift Card Puzzle Vault

gift_card_puzzle_vaultNext time you want to give a gift card to someone as a birthday present but feel guilty doing so, you should instead, grab one of these puzzle vaults. The puzzle vault is a contraption that you slide a gift card in to and the only way the receiver can get the gift card out is by rolling a ball bearing around a maze to the end so that the door can be opened. [Read more…]

Toshiba Dynabook gets 512GB SSD

toshiba_dynabook_ss_rx2-wajToshiba have announced that their top of the range Dynabook is to get a MASSIVE 512GB solid state drive. The Dynabook model number is the SS RX2/WAJ and comes in 2 versions.

It employs a 2-bit-per-cell multi-level NAND flash memory to realize, the world’s largest capacity SSD, with four times the density of SSD integrated into currently available products. The data access speeds has been increased approximately by 230% for read and by 450% for write. SSDs are free of mechanical structures such as a rotating disc, and ideal for integration into mobile notebook PCs, making them more resistant to vibration and shock.

[Read more…]

Alpha 680 Android Based Netbook Arrives

A few netbooks have been mentioned over the last few weeks that are aiming to use the Google Android OS rather then XP or a variation of Linux. Those manufacturers include Dell, Acer and MSI to name a few, but as of yet, nothing has been seen yet that is official. Skytone as far as I am aware, are the first company to actually create and have a netbook running Android ready for the market. [Read more…]

Study Ball Makes you Work

study-ballFor those of you who have a short attention span, this study ball could be ideal for you. It’s an old ball and chain mixed with modern technology that keeps you attached to it till the timer has got to zero. The ball weighs a hefty 20.95 pounds which isn’t too heavy but still wouldn’t be easy to carry around for long periods of time if you had to crouch a little.

What you do is set the amount of study time that you have to do, attach it to your ankle and watch the clock count down. When it hits zero the shackle opens and you are free to go out. [Read more…]

Android Embedded in to Digital Photo Frame

Fujitsu and Macnica have been working jointly on a project that puts Google Android’s OS on to a digital photo frame. From what looks to be mad reasoning a closer looks actually makes me think this could end up being a good thing. The Android OS was originally designed to be used on a mobile phone. It was then ported over to a netbook and then now on to a digital photo frame. You see, the main problem with digital photo frames is that the UI is generally rubbish. If Android makes the user experience far better then I am all for using Android on a photo frame. Using that OS also makes it possible to do other things with the photo frame like easier integration with online services. [Read more…]

iPhone 3 Specs Leaked

new-iphone-3It appears that some specs have leaked about the latest iPhone that is rumoured to be announced next month. The rumour comes from a Chinese Apple website and includes a picture of the technical specs. Specifications include a 32GB storage capacity, 600 MHz processor and 256MB of RAM.

If the rumours are true then we should be in for a snappier iPhone. To be honest it’s no real surprise that they would be bumping up the specs. The main questions left unanswered are what it will look like and if a hardware keyboard will be included. I don’t personally think they will bother with a keyboard, but I imagine that a slightly refined design in a similar shape and size to the current model will be in store. [Read more…]

Mini RC Race Track

infinitrax_micro_rc_racetrackThe Mini RC Race Track is perfect for those small RC cars that became popular over the last several years. When normally using a mini RC car you end up aimlessly driving around your office desk. This race track aims to give more purpose to the madness of mini RC cars.

The mini RC track allows you to design it in many different track layouts. It comes with 19 track sections along with a checkered finish line. The track is smooth and perfect for small wheeled RC cars. [Read more…]

Flight Sim Addon – LCD Altimeter

flight-fip-attitudeSaitek have launched a cool flight sim addon named the Pro Flight Instrumentation Panel. The USB device is a small 5″ display designed to hook up to your PC and display an altimeter and artificial horizon and more. Several of these small USB displays can hook up to a single PC allowing you to create a full flight deck of instrument panels. [Read more…]

iPhone App allows Barcode Scanning

iphone-bar-code-scannerYou may have seen ShopSavvy for Android based phones. That is an app which allows you to scan/photo the barcode of an item. When the item is found in a database it then pulls product prices to let you know where you can find it the cheapest. iPhones now have a similar program available which allows you to scan barcodes of products and search a database to find the best prices. The iPhone App is called Red Laser and is classed as “the ultimate iPhone barcode Scanner”. It gets it’s name from the red lasers you see at supermarket checkouts. [Read more…]

Electronic Paper Box Opener

If you have a fascination with popping bubbles then you probably already own a bubble wrap toy popper. For those who have a thing with tearing cardboard boxes open you probably want one of these… an electronic paper box opener. The device allows you to emulate the noise of ripping open a card board box which gives you that anticipation over and over as if you were receiving a new gift hundreds of times a day. [Read more…]