Study Ball Makes you Work

study-ballFor those of you who have a short attention span, this study ball could be ideal for you. It’s an old ball and chain mixed with modern technology that keeps you attached to it till the timer has got to zero. The ball weighs a hefty 20.95 pounds which isn’t too heavy but still wouldn’t be easy to carry around for long periods of time if you had to crouch a little.

What you do is set the amount of study time that you have to do, attach it to your ankle and watch the clock count down. When it hits zero the shackle opens and you are free to go out.

Should there be an emergency that you need to run out of the house then the only option is to wait for the timer or pick up the ball and run. Adult supervision is recommended for kids. It costs $115 and runs on 3 AAA batteries.

Product Page Via: Coolest Gadgets and LikeCool


  1. Chris - LG Blog UK says

    The countdown to social services being called upon parental misuse starts NOW

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