Mini RC Race Track

infinitrax_micro_rc_racetrackThe Mini RC Race Track is perfect for those small RC cars that became popular over the last several years. When normally using a mini RC car you end up aimlessly driving around your office desk. This race track aims to give more purpose to the madness of mini RC cars.

The mini RC track allows you to design it in many different track layouts. It comes with 19 track sections along with a checkered finish line. The track is smooth and perfect for small wheeled RC cars.

The track does not come with cars though, so you’ll have to pick some good ones to race around with.


Mini RC Race Track Product Features

* Reconfigurable racetrack is designed for small R/C Vehicles
* Includes 19 track sections and a checkered finish line
* Sections fit together securely like a puzzle
* Modular guardrails
* Create dozens of different track configurations
* Total Track Length is 113″

Available from ThinkGeek costing $44.99.


  1. Joan Ersland says

    Can you purchase additional track pieces for this race track?

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