Android Embedded in to Digital Photo Frame

Fujitsu and Macnica have been working jointly on a project that puts Google Android’s OS on to a digital photo frame. From what looks to be mad reasoning a closer looks actually makes me think this could end up being a good thing. The Android OS was originally designed to be used on a mobile phone. It was then ported over to a netbook and then now on to a digital photo frame. You see, the main problem with digital photo frames is that the UI is generally rubbish. If Android makes the user experience far better then I am all for using Android on a photo frame. Using that OS also makes it possible to do other things with the photo frame like easier integration with online services.

The digital photo frame pictured above is using Android over a DLNA network to display the pictures. Lets hope it works out well as although digital photo frames are not the most exciting of gadgets on the planet, it would be certainly nice to have one with a decent OS that works well.

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