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WickedLasers Photonic Disruptor Review

WickedLasers asked if we could review another of their high powered laser pens. Of course I said yes as no matter how many laser pens I have seen in the past I still find they are very cool (although dangerous if not used correctly). The laser is named the Photonic Disruptor and unlike every other laser that requires safety specks to be worn to protect the eyes, the disruptor is supposed to be aimed at people’s eyes to temporarily disorient them. In the words of WickedLasers it is described as…

an extremely effective, non-lethal, waterproof high powered green laser built specifically for rugged, harsh environments. This laser is classified as TALIĀ¢ (Threat Assessment Laser Illuminator)…. This tactical laser is equipped with versatile focus-adjustable collimating lenses to compensate for range and power intensity. Laze a non-lethal focused or unfocused beam towards potential threats at a distance. Used properly, the Photonic DisruptorĀ¢ will temporarily overwhelm a threats visual senses without causing permanent eye damage.

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Sony Aino PS3 Syncing Phone Revealed

sony-ainoSony Ericsson have released details on a new phone named the Sony Aino. The Aino is capable of remotely accessing media content on the PS3 games console. Unfortunately the phone is not the rumoured/fabled PSPhone although you can access your PS3 remotely over 3G or Wi-fi access. The connection will allow you to stream both audio and video to your phone as long as you have some sort of connection to the internet. [Read more…]

Carbon Fibre iPhone Case from Gorilla

Most mobile phones have a plethora of cases to choose from and the iPhone is included in this group. Gorilla have now made a rather cool looking case for the iPhone that is actually made of Carbon Fibre. The Carbon Fibre iPhone case keeps your phone from being damaged. It is constructed from 1.15mm thick carbon fibre which is ultra tough and will keep the phone from being beaten and scratched. [Read more…]

Hi-Den Vision to launch the HD-0311 HDMI Player

Hi-Den Vision, a Hong Kong based company, have created the HD-0311. It is classed as the “worlds smallest HDMI hi-def photo player for those who love photography and travelling”. What the HD-0311 allows you to do is view high-def photos and movies of a resolution of 1080p. The device has a HDMI output allowing you to connect it up to the nearest plasma or LCD screen and view all your media they way it should be viewed. [Read more…]

Samsung Create a Bendable OLED Screen

samsung-flexible-amoledSamsung have created a new bendable OLED display. It measures 6.5 inches and is completely flexible. Samsung claim that the prototype screen is way more flexible then other AMOLED screens created.

The bendable display does not require low-temperatures to create an image unlike screens before. This has dropped production costs by a fair bit giving it potential to actually be mass produced. With the whole process being simplified it could mean we start seeing flexible screens sooner rather then later. [Read more…]

SKYlasers High Power Laser Pointer Review

SKYLasers recently contacted us and wanted us to test out one of their latest laser pointers. We have reviewed a couple of laser pointers before in the past and thought they were both cool… but it lead me on to think what would actually be different with this one other then the casing is white rather then black. Lets check out what it’s all about and see how the SKYLasers pointer is different from the rest. [Read more…]

Lenova Ideapad S12 with NVIDIA Ion

Lenova have released a new netbook named the IdeaPad S12 which is the first netbook to use NVIDIA’s Ion chipset. The Ion based motherboards use the NVIDIA 9400m graphics chip along with an Intel Atom processor. The combination allows HD as well as excellent 3D gaming capabilities from the tiny form factor netbooks. [Read more…]

Human-Rh Digital Photo Frame with TV

digital-photo-frame-tv-tunerDigital Photo Frames tend to be kind of boring due to them sitting there just displaying pictures which makes them all the same. Occasionally a slightly nicer interface is available or you might find one that can receive images via email… but they are still boring. This latest one could possibly change that by introducing a DTV tuner that allows you to use the frame as a mini TV.

The photo frame is called the Human-Rh and comes in 2 models which are the 7.6″ HDPF-760D and the 8″ HDPF-800D. [Read more…]

Super Slim Keyboard with Silicone Cover

If you are in need of a cheap slim keyboard for your PC or laptop that can handle both water and dust being thrown at it then Brando have just the keyboard for you. The super slim keyboard comes in either black or white and is supplied with a silicone cover. [Read more…]

Nintendo Wii Fit Plus on it’s Way?

A trademark registered by Nintendo was recently found over in Japan. The trademark is for a Wii Fit Plus which appears it could be a follow on to the Wii Fit game. Not many details are to be found in the trademark although there is a designed logo which would indicate that Nintendo could well be working on a new product rather then just protecting a potential future product.

The Wii Fit Plus could be a number of things such as a new game for the Wii Fit or is could be a complete new balance board with more accurate hardware or even more possible, extra features to allow for more accurate and a wider variety of exercises. [Read more…]

Personal Ultrasound Device

This cool gadget is a personal ultra sound device which allows physicians to scan patients while on the run rather then booking them in to the usual specialised ultra sound suite. It is built by a company named Signostics Medical and allows patients to be diagnosed pretty much anywhere. [Read more…]

Tigatron USB Flash Drive

With the ramp up of the latest Transformers movie we are now seeing more and more transforming gadgets. The latest is Tigatron which is similar to the other 2 transformer gadgets we wrote about recently in that it transforms from a USB flash drive in to a small robot. Tigatron has 2 GB of storage capacity and works on both Windows and Mac OS computers. [Read more…]