Alpha 680 Android Based Netbook Arrives

A few netbooks have been mentioned over the last few weeks that are aiming to use the Google Android OS rather then XP or a variation of Linux. Those manufacturers include Dell, Acer and MSI to name a few, but as of yet, nothing has been seen yet that is official. Skytone as far as I am aware, are the first company to actually create and have a netbook running Android ready for the market.

The netbook is named the Alpha 680 and it runs an ARM11 533MHz processor. A 7 inch screen is included that can display a resolution of 800×480 pixels. 128MB of DDR2 memory is built in which can be further expanded to 256MB. A 1GB SSD is included which can also be upgraded to a 4GB SSD. It has an SD card slot, USB ports, Wi-Fi, keyboard and touchpad. Interestingly enough, the photo also shows it as a tablet netbook.

Although the specs seem to be way lacking, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be as slow as it sounds. It is unknown at the moment how Android performs on a netbook and we might be actually pleasantly surprised when we see it running.

The Alpha 680 will cost $250 when launched in the 3rd quarter of this year.



  1. Wow an android netbook, things are getting interesting!

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