iPhone App allows Barcode Scanning

iphone-bar-code-scannerYou may have seen ShopSavvy for Android based phones. That is an app which allows you to scan/photo the barcode of an item. When the item is found in a database it then pulls product prices to let you know where you can find it the cheapest. iPhones now have a similar program available which allows you to scan barcodes of products and search a database to find the best prices. The iPhone App is called Red Laser and is classed as “the ultimate iPhone barcode Scanner”. It gets it’s name from the red lasers you see at supermarket checkouts.

The software is made by a company named Occipital. All you do is scan a products barcode and then a search begins which drags the best price for you from the web. It’s ideal for those times when you want to purchase a CD for example. Find it in the store, scan it in store and then see if the store offer it for the best price. If not, buy the product online. Other information can also be found which includes reviews of books and movies which can also be beamed to your TiVo. The software also has another cool feature that allows you to scan an item and add it to your shopping list.

Available at iTunes.

The software is quite versatile too. It can scan both UPC and EAN type barcodes. One other last notable feature is that the software has not been locked down. The developers instead have provided an SDK which allows integration in to other apps.

If you enjoy shopping and bargains then it’s an application well worth downloading.

Via: iSmashPhone


  1. Have you tried this APP? It is impossible to use!

  2. pop up stands says

    I have heard good and bad reviews about this app. Some people say the scan success rate is very low, others that you have to hold barcodes away from the camera to fit the barcode into the registration marks provided by the software. The principle here is great but I don’t think the iphone camera was ever designed for this function and lacks the detail required.

  3. trade show stands says

    Being a big lover of the iphone, I downloaded this app and was absolutely blown away. Scanned a Panasonic TV and found it for £220 cheaper online. The salesmen looked gobsmacked! love it, love it!

  4. I should have shopped around. I paid 99 cents for an app like this. Oh Well! Now i have 2 to try and see which one is better!

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