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Read in the Dark LED Reading Glasses

led-reading-glassesIf you recently purchased a Kindle 2 and went to read it at night you will have quickly found out that you cannot see it. This is the problem with e-paper in that there is no backlight usually. For those of you who want to read at night these LED reading glasses might work for you. Of course they are compatible with e-books and regular books and what they do is provide light on the edges of the glasses so that you can read in the dark.

The reading glasses have super bright LED’s in each corner of the lenses and 4 batteries are held within the frames. The batteries are good for up to 30 hours of night time reading. The LED’s work with a switch built in to the hinges of the glasses and when the arms are opened the lights switch on.

The advantage of having LED’s built in to your specks is that you don’t have to faff around with a book light every time you turn the page.

In my book, the LED Reading Glasses are a winner! But there is one drawback: the glasses are only available with refractive lenses. In other words, you have to be presbyotic — nearsighted. They are available in 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5 diopter. From Hammacher Schlemmer with a lifetime guarantee.

Available from Hammacher Schlemmer costing $39.95.

Future Geek Maternity T-Shirt

loading_maternity-t-shirtThinkGeek have revealed that a baby is 4.65 Terabytes in size and that on a T1 it takes about 40 weeks to download. This t-shirt shows that progress to the world.

Course, we didn’t figure in latency or protocol headers or jitter (Ed. note: never jitter the baby), so it could be a little longer. And if you get an early EOF, the NICU’s there for any recovery and whatnot that needs to be done. All joking aside, we wish you and your little one a happy and uneventful pregnancy, and your future geek all the best. And don’t sit your tiny wailing banshee next to us at the restaurant. thx.

These are maternity shirts, a 100% cotton combed ringspun jersey in black with the words Loading… Please Wait and a progress bar in white across the belly. See below for sizing details.

Available at ThinkGeek costing $22.99. The maternity t-shirt comes in several sizes. Check out the site for details.

FliPhone – iPhone Controlled Wi-Fi Helicopter

fliphone-iphoneThe FliPhone is a program which allows you to use the accelerometers on the iPhone to fly a model helicopter. By tilting the phone you can control how the blades and whatnot are moved around. However, there is one problem in that the iPhone doesn’t have a transmitter compatible with a regular RC helicopter. To solve this problem wi-fi on the phone was used which connected up to a Linksys router to get an IP address. Along with using SSH and various other nerdy type stuff the RC helicopter can now be controlled by the iPhone wirelessly. [Read more…]

Have Sony Given up on OLED TV’s?

A few weeks ago at Gadget Show Live I had the chance to check out Sony’s XEL-1 OLED TV. The TV measures 11″ diagonal and is just 3mm thick. The TV has been around a while now and unfortunately it will be Sony’s last OLED TV that they work on. A Sony spokesman admitted ‘We really made the XEL-1 just to prove that we could make it. Sony believe that OLED technology is more suited to mobile type devices.

Research/predictions done recently suggest that the big players in the OLED field in the future will be Panasonic, LG, Toshiba and Samsung with no mention of Sony. The OLED TV industry in just 6 years time is expected to be worth $5.5 billion so it seems odd that Sony have pulled the plug so to speak. (Hopefully we get official word soon on this matter as it’s unlike Sony to pull out of something like this).

OLED TV’s are fantastic devices as they have an extremely good contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, reduced power consumption and are extremely thin. The current hurdle at the moment is cost with the XEL-1 costing up near $2500 for an 11″ screen. But, technology does get cheaper as advancements are made and it’s only a matter of time when we stick an ultra thin telly to our wall. [Read more…]

BlackBerry Curve 8520 With Optical Trackpad – Leaked Pics

Some photos of the BlackBerry Curve 8520 have been leaked over the weekend. The 8520 was previously named the Gemini. The most noticeable feature of the Curve 8520 is the lack of a trackball. In it’s place you will see it actually has an optical trackpad. The advantages of a trackpad are that you only need to skim your thumb over the top of it make it function.

Other features of the 8520 are rubberised grips on the edges that also includes the buttons. Dedicated media controls are also to be found on the top of the device. A 2 megapixel camera is built in and the phone supports EDGE but not over 3G networks. The screen has a fairly low resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and it is expected that wireless at 802.11n will be supported. No other details just yet, but check out the pictures after the jump. [Read more…]

Samsung 850 PAVV Plasma only 29mm thick

samsung_hd_850_pav_plasma_hdtvSamsung have revealed their latest plasma screen that measures just 29mm in thickness. This fancy looking HDTV is named the 850 PAVV and is capable of full 1080p playback. Other features on this TV include DivX support as well as a USB 2.0 port.

Samsung have put a lot of work in to this TV. The TV is 40% more efficient in power then the previous versions and also is 20% lighter at a weight of 26kg. Packed inside the TV is Samsung’s Full HD Crystal Engine as well as DLNA support and 240Hz refresh rates.

A larger 58 inch version is also being made available also the depth and other specs are unknown at the moment.

Of course you could just go for a portable digital tv that isn’t big in size either… although it might not quite look right on your wall.

Nokia E71x on AT&T from Today

nokiae71xAT&T are now selling the Nokia E71x as mentioned back in March. The phone will go on sale today and cost $99.99 (after a rebate and with a 24 month contract).

The E71x is the thinnest smartphone available and has a built in QWERTY keyboard. It is aimed at those who enjoy messaging, web browsing and social networking while on the move.

Nokia E71x Features

* Mail for Exchange to sync your corporate email, contacts, calendar, and tasks in real time*
* Xpress Mail¢ for personal email including Yahoo! Mail®, AOL®, Windows Live¢ Hotmail, and others
* Mobile instant messaging”including AOL® and AIM, Windows Live¢ Messenger, and Yahoo!® Messenger
* Text and multimedia messaging
* AT&T Navigator support for turn-by-turn voice directions and maps with fast traffic re-routing*
* Full HTML Web browser with Flash support
* Location-Based Services: AT&T Navigator,, Where (U-Locate)*
* Multi-language support: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
* QuickOffice® and PDF reader to download, view, and edit documents while on the go
* Multitask effortlessly with Symbian S60 3.2
* 3.2 megapixel digital camera with auto focus and flash
* Video Share”share a live or recorded video during a call*
* AT&T mobile music
* XM radio
* CV”Stream video clips of news, sports, weather, and entertainment*
* Customizable home screen, profiles, ringtones, video ringtones, and themes

[Read more…]

Polaroid Two Coming to the UK

The Two is an instant digital camera built by Polaroid. It finally has a release date in the UK set for the 11th May and will be available at Firebox when launched. [Read more…]

Asus Eee PC 1008HA Available for Pre-Order

asus-eee-pc-1008haThe Asus Eee PC 1008HA is now available for Pre-order on a few websites in the UK. The 1008HA is Asus’s latest Eee to hit the market. [Read more…]

Asus EeeBOX B208 Nettop

asus_eee_boxAsus are launching a new computer named the EeeBOX B208. This computer is classed as a nettop and should be with us in June this year. [Read more…]

HTC Touch Diamond 2 Review

htc_touch_diamond2SlashGear got their hands on the HTC Touch Diamond 2 and have given it a full review. The phone is slightly larger in all dimensions then the Original diamond. Will it be any good? [Read more…]