Bandai Bubble Wrap Toy

Bandai Bubble Wrap Toy

Bubble wrap popping fix in your pocket

When you get a nice new product wrapped in bubble wrap I bet none of you can resist popping the bubbles until every one is burst. If you want to have bubble wrap with you always but dont want the big plastic sheet of it then you can pick up one of these bubble wrap toys from Bandai. It is a pocket sized fake bubble wrap key ring which you can use at any time to pop away. The feel and noise is supposed to be the same as the real thing.

To add to the popping the key ring has a device built in which makes a noise on every 100th pop. Noises such as a door chime, barking, breaking wind and others can be heard.

The bubble wrap toy was created in conjunction with Puchipuchi who are makers of bubble wrap. Both companies together managed to create this very realistic keychain.

Via: kilian-nakamura

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