Flight Sim Addon – LCD Altimeter

flight-fip-attitudeSaitek have launched a cool flight sim addon named the Pro Flight Instrumentation Panel. The USB device is a small 5″ display designed to hook up to your PC and display an altimeter and artificial horizon and more. Several of these small USB displays can hook up to a single PC allowing you to create a full flight deck of instrument panels.

Pro Flight Instrumentation Panel Options

* Altimeter
* Attitude Indicator
* Airspeed Indicator
* Compass
* Turn and Slip indicator
* Vertical Speed

The above options can each be selected at the push of a button so in theory you’d need 6 of them to display the set of instruments.

Compatibility as it stands is that it works with Flight Simulator X. The device is programmable which allows any other flight Sim software to work with it “if” the other flight sim developers jump on board.

The Flight Sim Panel will be available soon at a price of £129.99 in the UK.

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