Acer working on Several Android Devices

Acer have confirmed that they are working on a number of devices that will use the Android operating system by Google. The main emphasis for Acer is getting Android on to a smartphone device.

As well as working at getting Android on to a smartphone they are looking at netbooks being a possibility in the near future. They are not 100% sure they will do it just yet, but they are aiming for it. The Google Android OS was originally designed for usage in mobile phones but the OS isn’t restricted to just mobile phones.

Thus far, Google has experienced tremendous success, with T-Mobile recently announcing the one millionth sale of their Android G-1 device. This milestone was reached within the first six months of delivering the product to market. Acer feels that the development of a smartphone using the OS is much more reasonable than netbook.

It will be interesting to see what Acer can bring to the market.

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