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D-Link Routers to get Captcha Security

Captcha is a security system that you might be familiar with when logging in or registering for new accounts on forums, blogs and other various types of website. The technology was designed to prevent people using automated methods to sign up for many accounts and start sending their junk around. D-Link have announced that Captcha will be released in a firmware update to a number of their routers to prevent automated login attempts to overtake your home network. [Read more…]

Razor thin 1mm Plasma Screen

A company named Shinoda Japan have just released details on their latest plasma screen. The incredible screen measures 2 meters tall by 3 meters wide and has a depth of just 1mm. The huge but thin plasma screen uses a lot less energy then equivalent sized screens. A reduction of 50% is claimed by Shinoda. [Read more…]

Handmade Star Trek Drinks Coasters

Here is something for the Star Trek fans out there. A user over at Etsy has created a set of Star Trek drinks coasters. Each coaster is made of slate and is hand crafted to feature the Star Trek logo carved in to them.

The coasters measure 4×4 inches and are a chunky half an inch thick. 4 coasters are provided in each set. [Read more…]

BUGlabs Modular Gadget Factory

buglabs_bug_bundleThinkGeek are now selling BUGLabs. BUG’s are various items which can either secure things, track things with GPS, read barcodes, draw pictures, update Twitter and control robots. The BUGS snap together in a modular type way and once connected you create some simple JAVA to control the devices. The system is open-source meaning you also get access to a bunch of enthusiastic developers.

Because BUG is open-source, it doesn’t impede your creativity. If you’ve got an idea for a gadget, it’s easy to throw it together. For example, your garden is being chomped on by some unseen entity. Snap a motion-detector and a camera onto the BUGbase, write some Java, and you’ve got gadget that’ll catch the family of deer that roams through your yard. Unhappy with Google maps street view? Snap on the GPS module and the camera, and code your BUG to take geotagged photos at specific intervals and roll your own. Got an RC helicopter? Snap on the vonHippel breakout-board module and the touch-screen module and code an interface to fly your helicopter on your BUG. Are you a cartographer? Snap the GPS and the touch-screen modules on, a smidgen of Java, walk to the corners of your property, and bang zoom, you’ve got a map.

[Read more…]

Verizon to get Samsung Alias 2

samsung-alias-2Verizon have announced that they have launched the Samsung Alias 2. The Alias 2 is a dual hinged clamshell phone which has a unique keyboard that is actually E-Ink. The keyboard is QWERTY and with each key using E-Ink it can quickly transform in to a different layout. The overall effect is actually quite good and because e-ink doesn’t require much power to work (ie, only when changing the state) it doesn’t provide any major impact to the phones battery life. [Read more…]

Garmin Nuvifone G60 Delayed

Garmin have delayed the launch of the Nuvifone G60 again. The last launch details mentioned it would be announced and quite probably be made available in the first half of 2009. Now it seems that it will be launched quarter 3 of this year. The reason behind the delay is due to the production capability of both Asus and Garmin who are working together to launch this navigation phone. [Read more…]

Nokia Ovi Store to get 20000 Apps

nokia-ovi-storeSeveral phone manufacturers are following Apple in creating their own app stores for their range of mobile phones. Windows Mobile, Palm and Android all have app stores. Nokia have create Ovi to follow and when open in late spring it will be the home to 20000 applications when launched. 20K applications is far greater when Android and Apple first launched their stores with just a few applications.

The store will open in time for when the Nokia N97 launches in July. Included in the app store there will be a large variety of applications which include general apps, short videos, games and more. Location based services powered by the built in GPS unit on a phone will allow you to filter down to things you need for local use. [Read more…]

Star Trek Original Tricorder

startrek-tricorderThe Original Tricorder is now available to purchase. It measures 8″ x 4″ x 2″ and runs on 4 AA sized batteries. It has been made available at about the same time the new Star Trek movie was launched last week. The Tricorder makes the original noises and a removable scanner to wave around the subjects head is also available. Blinking lights also simulate that it is functioning correctly.

Available from Amazon now at a cost of $49.99.

Star Trek Original Tricorder Features

* A Diamond Select release
* Features silver highlights over a black finish
* Working lights and sound effects
* Includes removable scanner accessory
* Window box packaging

Via: Coolest-Gadgets

Wind Charm Alarm Clock

windchime-alarm-clockThe Wind Chime Alarm Clock features 10 metal pipes that bump in to each other making a chiming noise. It’s a more of a gentle way to wake up rather then a sonic bomb clock that throws you out of bed.

The clock has both 12 and 24 hour modes, shows the date, has a stop watch function and 2 different alarm modes. The 2 choices of alarm modes are just a regular beep, or the wind chimes clattering against each other. [Read more…]

Dell making an Android Netbook?

It seems like Dell are now working on an Android Netbook. The netbook mentioned was the Dell Mini Inspiron 910 and this information was dropped by Bsquare who are porting Adobe Flash Lite to the new Android Netbook… shortly after the press release coming out it was removed from the site. Luckily, it wasn’t removed quickly enough for people to not notice 🙂 [Read more…]

Cubical Door Lock Stickers

cubicle_door_lock_stickersIf you have a regular cubicle style office and have always had that desire to get yourself a door to make you look important then there is now an easier way, thanks to ThinkGeek. The Cubical Door Lock Stickers are designed to give your cubicle that authoritative look by making it just appear that you have a door.

Just stick some Cubicle Door Lock Stickers to your boring cubicle wall, and suddenly it will appear you have a door. Each set includes a few different locks, some peepholes, and even a doorbell button. The first time someone pauses before entering your cubicle to wonder if they should ring your doorbell, you’ll know you have gained a few more power bars. Eventually, your power in the office will grow and grow and you’ll have a real office with a real door – all because of your investment in some Cubicle Door Lock Stickers. You’re welcome.

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Internal Palm Memo – 5th June for Pre Launch

pre-launchAn internal memo seems to have been leaked from someone over at Palm that indicates the Palm Pre will be released on 5th June at 12pm. It can be seen on the image to the left where it says LAUNCH LAUNCH. Of course we can’t be 100% sure it’s real or not as anyone could cook this up with some photoshop skills. [Read more…]