WordPress iPad App Launched

The WordPress App for the iPhone has been around for a while now. We hear today that WordPress for iPad has launched allowing wordpress bloggers to connect up to their blog from the iPad and edit/approve comments, create posts and create pages.

There isn’t much difference between the new iPad version vs the older iPhone version other than the iPad version makes a lot more use of the large screen allowing for easier editing of posts and content along with being able to see a column down the left side of the screen showing comments, posts and other interesting information.

When entering a post a large keyboard pops up allowing you to easily create the content you need. The ability to make links is also there. With the larger screen it actually looks like it will make the iPad version of WordPress usable. Right now for the Apple [AAPL] iPhone, the app is usable, but generally for approving comments and editing posts while out on the move. I personally wouldn’t use the iPhone version to create content for a site although the iPad version looks like it might be good enough to do just that. [Read more…]

Apple iPad Sales could reach 7.1 Million in 2010

This weekend will finally see the long awaited Apple iPad go on sale and sales estimates for 2010 are in the millions…7.1 million to be exact (according to iSuppli).

This is expected to be followed by 14.4 million during 2011 and with 20.1 million sales expecting to be reached during 2012 – How I wish I was an Apple [AAPL] shareholder right now!

With estimated sales like this, Apple will have successfully introduced the first ever mainstream tablet, however, Apple are unlikely to enjoy the vast lead they enjoyed when they launched the iPhone as the tablet market has some major competition expected to be launched in the near future which will test the longevity of the iPad craze. [Read more…]

iFixit investigate FCC iPad Internal Images

iFixit were quick off the mark and have analysed the FCC Apple iPad internal images in more depth than the average person it seems. The team have managed to extract the RAW files associated with the images which allowed them to essentially remove the blanks to reveal the real images behind including all the chip numbers associated with the chips.

The iPad model from Apple [AAPL] analysed by the FCC carries the internal name of #A1219. iFixit also point out that Apple had asked the FCC to keep this information covered up till August 17 this year. It’s not clear if the FCC didn’t realise the blanked out text could be fixed, or if they don’t really bow to Apple’s demands. Either way, all the info is there although in some cases a little hard to see due to low resolution shots. [Read more…]

Apple iPad Insides Revealed Courtesy of FCC

Have you been wondering what the Apple iPad looks like inside? The FCC have taken one apart to make sure it clears their tests and have posted the images on-line. One thing to note here is that this FCC teardown is no where near as in depth when compared to the one iFixit will do tomorrow, but it’s still interesting to see what’s going on in there including how much actual space there is available even though it contains a massive set of batteries.

The picture above shows the back panel (the screen rests on top of this) whereby the two large brick shaped objects are the batteries that keep it powered for 10+ hours. You can also see the dock connector running across the batteries and see that it’s slightly unfastened from the bottom edge of the iPad.

One of the images below shows the main circuit board that contains the brains that run this thing… ie the A4 chip although specific chip numbers have been covered up I guess to protect their identity before the launch… again, iFixit no doubt will reveal all chip numbers associated with the iPad. [Read more…]

Google Optimises GMail for iPad and other Tablets

Google [GOOG] have announced that they have optimised their web services specifically for the Apple iPad [AAPL] that launches tomorrow.

The update to services such as GMail have been optimised to work on large screen mobile devices to give a better email experience. When visiting GMail from an iPhone for example, you just see a list of messages with buttons across the top to move around sections. The new iPad optimised version uses a two column approach where your messages can be scrolled through on the left of the screen and the message viewed on the right of the screen as pictured below.

The GMail app now uses a HTML5 web app that is also used on Android and the iPhone at the moment. [Read more…]

Flickr add HTML5 Video Playback

Flickr have announced that they have launched HTML5 video playback designed right now for those specifically who use the Apple iPad. The iPad, you’ll remember, doesn’t have flash video capabilities and from what we understand, it never will. Luckily for Apple [AAPL], unluckily for Adobe, it seems many of the major publishers are actually in the process of converting video over to the HTML5 standard that will allow the iPad to browse the news and photography sites without getting the small blue brick that indicates Flash is needed.

Flickr have designed their HTML5 videos to work on the iPad and bring the full browsing experience of flickr video and flickr photos to the iPad. [Read more…]

iPad Socks now Available

You might remember iPhone socks that are basically protective socks that you put your iPhone in. The same concept has now arrived for the Apple iPad called iPad Socks that are basically giant sock that you can slide your iPad into to keep it free of scratches.

The iPad Socks are available in a number of colours (nine to be exact) and have an iPad label sewed on to the side.

From the iPad Socks website….

Why would you buy an iPad Sock? Cause it’s the coolest most colorful protection for your iPad!
The knit socks provide a stylish, fun, and practical way to protect your iPad. Get them now!
Available in 9 fresh colors

[Read more…]

Find my iPad App Launching on MobileMe

MobileMe is an application available for Apple [AAPL] that allows various functions to be performed such as syncing email, calendars and other information across devices to make sure all stays in sync. One of the features is called Find My iPhone which allows you to track the location of your iPhone when lost. The software remotely activates the GPS and transmits details to you so you can track it down. If you think you have no hope of finding your phone you can also perform a remote wipe ensuring that your data is not found by others.

Find My iPad is now launching on the MobileMe service which allows you to do exactly the same as a lost iPhone… track it down or remote wipe it.

Things to note with the iPad version is that the wireless version doesn’t have a GPS built in, and to find out where your iPad is, it will need to be connected successfully to a wireless network. Due to working out locations based on wireless networking, it will be nowhere near the accuracy of a GPS enabled device, so really the Wi-Fi+3G Apple iPad is really what you want here thanks to it’s built in GPS and 3G connectivity. [Read more…]

Marvel Comics App for Apple iPad Reviewed

BoingBoing were one of the lucky group to get hold of an Apple iPad before launch to give it a review. Along with that, another review was also done for the Marvel Comics App that is launching with the iPad.

When launched tomorrow, the Marvel Comics app will have 500 titles available for download. Most of the titles cost in the region of $1.99 to download them. As well as a number of them costing to download, there will also be sections available for free. The applications also includes access to all the classic comics which includes Avengers, X-Men, Hulk, Spider Man, IronMan and other titles that you will be familiar with.

The review is quite positive mentioning that the scrolling is intuitive, brisk and elegant. Smoothness of the application was also a nice element to it. [Read more…]

WSJ Apple iPad Subscription confirmed at $17.29/Month

The price of a WSJ subscription on for the Apple iPad has now been revealed. The cost to get content on your Apple [AAPL] device will be $17.29/month which will include the ability to download a 7 day archive of news so you can take it along with you if you have no wireless connection available.

The subscription cost works out at $3.99/week which with the extra 2 or 3 days added on brings it up another dollar or so to the $17.29 that will be charged to your card each month.

Would you pay to access news on WSJ? You will probably admit that they do push out some great content (and award winning content at that), but with so much news around the internet is it really worth subscribing to the service? [Read more…]

Apple iPad Apps now in the iTunes App Store

In preparation for Saturday’s Apple iPad launch, Apple [AAPL] have now opened up iTunes to show applications for the iPad (link will open up iTunes).

Once loaded up you’ll see a list of all the apps available for the Apple iPad that can be purchased now. When clicking on an application you then see the option of viewing screen shots for the iPhone version or iPad version as pictured below.

A lot of the applications we have already heard about due to leaks over the past week or so, but now it’s official you can go ahead and start purchasing them. [Read more…]