WordPress iPad App Launched

The WordPress App for the iPhone has been around for a while now. We hear today that WordPress for iPad has launched allowing wordpress bloggers to connect up to their blog from the iPad and edit/approve comments, create posts and create pages.

There isn’t much difference between the new iPad version vs the older iPhone version other than the iPad version makes a lot more use of the large screen allowing for easier editing of posts and content along with being able to see a column down the left side of the screen showing comments, posts and other interesting information.

When entering a post a large keyboard pops up allowing you to easily create the content you need. The ability to make links is also there. With the larger screen it actually looks like it will make the iPad version of WordPress usable. Right now for the Apple [AAPL] iPhone, the app is usable, but generally for approving comments and editing posts while out on the move. I personally wouldn’t use the iPhone version to create content for a site although the iPad version looks like it might be good enough to do just that.

Currently there are no reviews of the iPad WordPress app as the iPad wont launch till tomorrow, but expect to see some reviews popping up soon. From what we understand the app will be free though, so it’s easy enough to test if it’s good enough or not without losing any cash.

Via: Mashable


  1. I’m yet to decide should I buy iPad or not..though the way iPad apps is increasing
    I believe I’m going to buy it..
    Wordpress iPad app look great….

  2. Unfortunately the iPad/iPhone version of WordPress does not support SSL connections…. Or tags… And it has a horrid HTML source view as the default view…. And the app is very, very buggy with lots of artifact characters that do not go away when you scroll.

  3. iPad Accesories says

    I am using WordPress app with iPad and it is one reason I like my iPad. Sure, such useful apps would increase the popularity of iPad in days to come.

  4. Borderline useless. No tags, no cut and paste, buggy rendering of preview. Wish Wordpreas would just make the normal dashboard interface work with the iPad.

  5. video to ipad says

    ipad got so many problems,but still can’t stop people buying.
    I guess just outlooking attract many,and some Personalize setting make you more comfortable.
    Specially,it never similar with any others,so if you are conditioned to use Apple stuff,you are in.

  6. iPads havent been released in New Zealand yet but it looks like something that will come in very handy. I might just get someone in the US to order one for me and ship it over here. With all the stuff it can do and me being in school at the moment it will come in so useful and make a few tasks that much easier.

  7. Vagabond Paris says

    Sounds great! Should come in handy… though don’t you mean “losing” any cash? 😉

  8. Cheap Formal Dresses says

    Great. Now iPad users can have worpdress app on their gadget. Thanks for the info.

  9. Up Do Hairstyles says

    WordPress is really cool, it eases the ipad users to update their wordpress blogs.

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