Marvel Comics App for Apple iPad Reviewed

BoingBoing were one of the lucky group to get hold of an Apple iPad before launch to give it a review. Along with that, another review was also done for the Marvel Comics App that is launching with the iPad.

When launched tomorrow, the Marvel Comics app will have 500 titles available for download. Most of the titles cost in the region of $1.99 to download them. As well as a number of them costing to download, there will also be sections available for free. The applications also includes access to all the classic comics which includes Avengers, X-Men, Hulk, Spider Man, IronMan and other titles that you will be familiar with.

The review is quite positive mentioning that the scrolling is intuitive, brisk and elegant. Smoothness of the application was also a nice element to it.

The Marvel Comics app has an app store built in that looks similar to the iTunes store in that you have coverflow in there to flick through comics.

Art work was said to be quite sharp although some of the comics when zooming in lost that sharpness. I guess it depends on how the comics are added to the application (ie, are they scanned from old copies or the data used from a file of it saved when created).

Overall impressive and it certainly seems to show off the smoothness of the Apple [AAPL] interface. Video below along with another image.

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