iPad Socks now Available

You might remember iPhone socks that are basically protective socks that you put your iPhone in. The same concept has now arrived for the Apple iPad called iPad Socks that are basically giant sock that you can slide your iPad into to keep it free of scratches.

The iPad Socks are available in a number of colours (nine to be exact) and have an iPad label sewed on to the side.

From the iPad Socks website….

Why would you buy an iPad Sock? Cause it’s the coolest most colorful protection for your iPad!
The knit socks provide a stylish, fun, and practical way to protect your iPad. Get them now!
Available in 9 fresh colors

The iPad Socks are available now and cost $14.95 with free shipping. Just to clarify the free shipping point, their FAQ does say… “Yeah! We ship worldwide. From the artic to mars. And shipping to everywhere is free, so no hidden shipping costs here.” – Quite impressive!

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