Apple iPad Review Roundup

Various web sites have managed to review the Apple iPad yesterday to give it the full run down and to also see if it lives up to the hype of it being magical and revolutionary. Initial reports seem to indicate that Apple have nailed it much like they did when the Apple [AAPL] iPhone first launched in 2007.

The Apple iPad review from Walt Mossberg (AllThingsD) indicates that for many the Apple iPad will work very well. If you want to browse the web, use social networking, send email and use day to day tasks it’s ideal for you. Walt did however point out that it had a number of restrictions such as there being no webcam for video calls which some might have liked to use the device for. In regards to the 10 hour battery life claimed by Apple (which some expected to be lower), Walt actually managed to get over 11 hours of usage out of it when testing from 6am till after 5pm playing videos back to back and surfing, emailing etc… That’s quite impressive considering most companies over estimate when it comes to battery life.

The next Apple iPad review was from Edward Baig of USA Today who’s title sums up that the iPad is a winner. In conclusion he says “Apple has pretty much nailed it with this first iPad, though there’s certainly room for improvement.”

Next up is the review from David Pogue of the NYT. David writes the review from the angle of two types of buyers namely the Techie and Everyone else. Reasons for this are that the techies will find fault, notice whats missing etc… while the everyday people will probably like it.

Although a number of people have expressed their great dislike for the product and essentially call out names to those that do think it looks interesting, it’s certainly interesting to read the Apple iPad reviews to see what it’s all about. It’s one of those products you’ll probably have to try before you buy, but as pre-sales figures have shown, it’s certainly a hit already.


  1. Just LOVE my ipad 3G–it took me no time at all to sync it and get to playing. And, hey, I knew that the 3G model would be available soon when the wi-fi version came out, they didn’t make a secret of it. That’s why I decided to wait for it. For my needs, it is going to be perfect–I travel a lot, and want to have the movies, books, and email availability to save me from boredom. What impressed me was the ease of getting it up and going. I think Apple has a true winner with this, and the other computer co.s are chasing their tails trying to catch up.

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