Find my iPad App Launching on MobileMe

MobileMe is an application available for Apple [AAPL] that allows various functions to be performed such as syncing email, calendars and other information across devices to make sure all stays in sync. One of the features is called Find My iPhone which allows you to track the location of your iPhone when lost. The software remotely activates the GPS and transmits details to you so you can track it down. If you think you have no hope of finding your phone you can also perform a remote wipe ensuring that your data is not found by others.

Find My iPad is now launching on the MobileMe service which allows you to do exactly the same as a lost iPhone… track it down or remote wipe it.

Things to note with the iPad version is that the wireless version doesn’t have a GPS built in, and to find out where your iPad is, it will need to be connected successfully to a wireless network. Due to working out locations based on wireless networking, it will be nowhere near the accuracy of a GPS enabled device, so really the Wi-Fi+3G Apple iPad is really what you want here thanks to it’s built in GPS and 3G connectivity.

Either way, it’s a nice application and one that could help you recover a lost iPad should it get stolen. Apple [AAPL] charge $99/year for hte MobileMe service and to use the iPad service is free once subscribed to MobileMe.


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