Apple iPad 3G Orders begin Processing

Yesterday we noticed that the Apple iPad 3G had slipped to May 7, but from a comment received we heard that those who pre-ordered were going to be getting them. This appears to have been confirmed by the above image showing $887.03 pending on someone’s bank account taken by Apple.

We know it’s not “ground breaking news” by any means, but with the Apple site showing “Late April” with no specific date for the majority of this month and then suddenly May 7, it did add to a bit of confusion as to when those with pre-orders were to receive them. [Read more…]

Apple iPad UK Import Orders Available soon at BundleBox

If you are looking at getting an iPad imported from the US, but cannot order one or get one shipped for various reasons then BundleBox is one option. However, due to the amount of demand that was placed on their service from the initial launch, they have been unable to fulfil orders so stopped accepting orders for the iPad.

This will change on Wednesday when the service reopens…

Due to overwhelming demand we have temporarily stopped taking new iPad orders. Please check back on April 21st, we will take new orders then, starting at 10:00GMT

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Apple iPad to get OLED Screens in 2nd Gen – Rumour

Digitimes have found some leaked information regarding the second generation Apple iPad that is expected to launch next year.

This time they are saying that next years iPad launch will see the device getting an OLED screen. The rumour also claims that Apple [AAPL] are already working on the design of the next generation iPad. We hear that the screen to be used in the device will be the same as that “rumoured” to be used in the next generation iPhone, aka iPhone 4G or iPhone HD.

The problem right now with OLED is the high costs of manufacturing the units. When comparing the costs of an LCD panel to that of an OLED panel the price jumps up (for a 9.7 inch display) from 60 – 70 USD all the way up to $500 making them quite expensive for now. [Read more…]

Apple iPad 3G Shipping May 7

Apple [AAPL] have updated their site in the US to display shipping information for the iPad 3G models. For those who have pre-ordered the iPad you should expect delivery around May 7. – Update: It appears that those who order the iPad 3G now will receive it May 7th, and those who pre-ordered over the last month or so might still receive it later this month. We’ll keep an eye open and update the post as we find out more.

If you remember, the launch date was supposed to be late April for the iPad 3G, but due to a successful launch and short supplies of stock, the 3G got delayed slightly and also all international launches were delayed a month.

The up side is that the UK, Canada and several other countries should still get both the Wifi and 3G iPad models the same day towards the end of May. Pre-orders for international are set for May 10. [Read more…]

Sprint 4G Apple iPad Case

Sprint are launching a new Apple iPad case that they are calling the 4G Case for iPad.

The case is designed to carry an Apple [AAPL] iPad along with one of their 4G wireless hotspots allowing a wireless iPad to connect to the internet anywhere a 3G or 4G signal can be found.

The 4G hotspot used is called the Sprint Overdrive Mobile Hotspot and allows up to five devices to connect up to it simultaneously which in turn, are connected up to Sprints wireless data network that in some areas provides a very fast connection speed. [Read more…]

Apple iPad – The Worlds Most Expensive Name Tag

This is probably one of the more (if not most) expensive ways to let everybody know what your name is.

The Apple iPad application is called My Name Is and is simply used for you to enter your name and then wear it around your neck to let everyone know who you are.

When I say iPad app, I should probably clarify that it’s actually an iPhone application zoomed in… either way I guess it takes a special sort to want to use the app. [Read more…]

Supersize your iPhone in to an Apple iPad

If the $499 price tag of the cheapest Apple iPad is too much for you then perhaps this alternative might work for you. The iDock XL is simply a 10 inch screen that you dock your iPhone in to and it makes the image on the iPhone in to an image slightly over the size of the iPad.

Some may argue that the iPad is just a blown up iPod Touch (or iPhone) and with that in mind, this is why the iDock XL was created. Problem is that it just doesn’t quite look the part.

The unit costs £149 which is cheaper than an iPad (assuming even Apple [AAPL] wont make the UK iPad price that unbelievable) and allows you to dock either the iPod Touch or iPhone inside. [Read more…]

Apple iPad Disassembled and Reassembled in under 3 Minutes

We’ve already seen the insides of the Apple iPad thanks to iFixit and the FCC. This time, thanks goes to TechRestore who have done their traditional stop motion animation of the whole teardown and it also includes a reassembly too.

The video starts off with the iPad box sliding across a table and the iPad being unboxed and tested a little. After that, each component is removed one at a time till the iPad is in pieces.

The video is embedded below… [Read more…]

Apple iPad No Flash Support Illustrated with Superheroes

It certainly isn’t new news that the iPad and any of the iPhone OS devices lack flash from Adobe, but this drawing attempts to illustrate it a different way than the normal complaints we hear and see.

The image represents a bunch of superheroes with one of the characters being called the Flash. As you can see in the larger image below… he is gone. [Read more…]

Apple iPad Banned in Israel

Travelling to Israel soon? If so it’s recommended you leave your iPad at home as the country has banned the iPad from entering the country. If you attempt to enter the country with an iPad you’ll have it confiscated and will need to pay a daily storage fee at which point you can then collect it on your way out of the country.

Reasons for this move are due to the higher frequencies that the iPad use and the interference it could cause if the iPad was used by the masses.

“If you operate equipment in a frequency band which is different from the others that operate on that frequency band, then there will be interference,” Nati Schubert, a senior deputy director for the Communications Ministry told AP. “We don’t care where people buy their equipment ¦ but without regulation, you would have chaos.”

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Apple iPad Flash Video made Possible with RipCode

The story of the Apple iPad and iPhone OS not allowing flash has been going on for a while, even to the point now where Adobe are looking at taking legal action over it.

A company called RipCode looks to be the one who could bring flash to the iPad by introducing their new codek called TransAct Transcoder V6 that is designed to intercept video in the Adobe Flash based format and convert them on the fly in to a container on the iPad. This process is completely transparent to users of the iPad and will allow users to view flash content on the iPad.

The iPad is poised to further accelerate and expand the mobile video device market just as the iPhone has over the last several years. However, one of its noted shortcomings has been Apple’s lack of support for Flash video playback, given the dominant position of Flash in professionally generated entertainment, sports and news content. HTML5 has been purported to address this dilemma by introducing Apple device applications that are simply ˜thin clients’ communicating back to a web site hosting and subsequently delivering Flash files without a device-based player, but HTML5 is not yet widely adopted. RipCode’s Transactional Transcoding platform enables an alternate and immediate solution to this issue, opening up video content to users without requiring the content hoster to move to HTML5 or pre-transcode entire video libraries from Flash to an iPad-accepted container format. By transcoding the content ˜in the cloud’, it is essentially analogous to a network-based Flash to MP4 or MPEG-TS video adaption layer.

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Apple iPad Going to Orange in the UK

We just received a press release from Orange in our inbox. The press release was quite brief and basically said that Orange in the UK, Spain, France and Switzerland will be offering dedicated iPad price plans for all models from the end of May.

No prices have been indicated although the press release does follow a couple of other press releases today from Vodafone and Apple themselves. Apple [AAPL] earlier announced a delay of the Apple iPad internationally taking the release date from late April to late May although a date of May 10 has been given on the Apple site saying pre-orders will be accepted from that time.

Vodafone have also pretty much said the same as Orange in that they too will be offering the iPad in various countries towards the end of May. [Read more…]