Apple iPad Sales could reach 7.1 Million in 2010

This weekend will finally see the long awaited Apple iPad go on sale and sales estimates for 2010 are in the millions…7.1 million to be exact (according to iSuppli).

This is expected to be followed by 14.4 million during 2011 and with 20.1 million sales expecting to be reached during 2012 – How I wish I was an Apple [AAPL] shareholder right now!

With estimated sales like this, Apple will have successfully introduced the first ever mainstream tablet, however, Apple are unlikely to enjoy the vast lead they enjoyed when they launched the iPhone as the tablet market has some major competition expected to be launched in the near future which will test the longevity of the iPad craze.

The reason for the sharp incline in 2011 and 2012 is due to 2010 being the year where early adopters pick up the iPad due to being intrigued by what it can do and wanting to be the first. In 2011 prices could start to drop, and with a larger iPad App store it could bring in a number of users due to the flexibility it has as a platform.

It’s interesting to note that iSuppli feel their numbers are quite conservative and that if everything goes right they might actually exceed the sales predicted. The full analysis can be found over here.

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