WSJ Apple iPad Subscription confirmed at $17.29/Month

The price of a WSJ subscription on for the Apple iPad has now been revealed. The cost to get content on your Apple [AAPL] device will be $17.29/month which will include the ability to download a 7 day archive of news so you can take it along with you if you have no wireless connection available.

The subscription cost works out at $3.99/week which with the extra 2 or 3 days added on brings it up another dollar or so to the $17.29 that will be charged to your card each month.

Would you pay to access news on WSJ? You will probably admit that they do push out some great content (and award winning content at that), but with so much news around the internet is it really worth subscribing to the service?

Post your comments below if you will or will not be subscribing.

Via: Engadget

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