Apple iPad to be Sold by Vodafone

Gizmodo are reporting today that Vodafone [VOD] will be announcing pricing details for the Apple iPad in several countries that includes the UK, Australia, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Right now it isn’t clear if Vodafone will have an exclusive on selling the iPad, or if it will be opened up for any network pretty much how the iPhone is at the moment whereby it is available to most carriers over this way.

Pricing and data costs are not known at the moment, but we potentially could see both non subsidised and subsidised plans on the network, if Apple [AAPL] allow it. If not then expect to pay full price for the iPad and a lower subscription cost. [Read more…]

Apple iPad in UK Delayed till Late May

Loading up the Apple [AAPL] website in the UK the message on the front page has changed to now say the Apple iPad is coming Late May (rather than Late April).

We suspected this after hearing nothing in the way of pre-orders here in the UK with late April already fast approaching.

From what we understand, an announcement will be made on May 10th with details of the launch date and pricing for the device. Pre-orders will also start on May 10 as indicated on the Apple website. [Read more…]

Google Mobile App Approved for Apple iPad

Apple [AAPL] have approved the Google Mobile App for the iPad. If you already had the Google Mobile App on your iPad previously, you would have noticed that it was pretty much a scaled up version. With the iPad version of the app now being official, it has been re done to fit the larger screen.

The new version is of course free to download. It features a My Location bar, but other than that it’s the same as the previous version. It gives access to a number of Google [GOOG] services such as GMail, Maps, Images, news, shopping etc… with some of the apps working within the app, and others kicking you out to the browser. This is the case with GMail for example. [Read more…]

Apple iPad Jailbreak by Geohot

Geohot has managed to Jailbreak the Apple iPad. The iPad runs iPhone OS 3.2 and within days of the iPad being launched Geohot managed to post the encryption keys on his site followed the day after by the image above showing Cydia and Blackra1n on the home screen of the iPad.

On the blog post about the encryption keys he simply says (after publishing the keys) that “This is more exciting than a lot of you realize.”

We should be hearing more soon about how it will all work, but from what we can gather, it will be an update to Blackra1n where you simply tether the iPad, load up Blackra1n and a few moment later your device will be jailbroke. [Read more…]

iPad meets LapDock

The LapDock is a device that converts your Apple iPad in to a laptop. By using the LapDock, iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard you are able to put them together to make a laptop.

“Simply dock your iPad into the LapDock¢, add an Apple Wireless Keyboard, and presto – instant laptop!

Use it for business, for school, or just as a hard case to protect your iPad on the go. The LapDock¢ is a must have for any iPad owner.”

[Read more…]

Mini iPad Coming 2011? – Rumour

Digitimes have reported that Apple [AAPL] are working on a mini iPad and are planning to launch it in the first quarter of 2011.

They also go on to say that the mini iPad will have a 5 to 7 inch screen and be priced below $400 when launched.

Kuo, citing talks with upstream component sources, said Apple’s smaller-size iPad will be priced below US$400 and will target the highly-portable mobile device market and consumers that focus mainly on reading and do not have a high demand for text input.

[Read more…]

Apple iPad Component Costs now Estimated at $260

Back in February a company called iSuppli made estimates on how much each model of the Apple iPad would cost to make. From the report we found that potentially the 32GB WiFi+3G iPad could be the most profitable for Apple [AAPL]

Now that the iPad has launched, iSuppli have made some amendments to the numbers due to being able to get their hands on an actual iPad to see what exactly is inside.

The report now indicates that the 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad model will cost $259.60 vs $229.35 that was originally estimated. Reasons for the increase in component costs is due to more silicon chips being used than expected. For example, the touchscreen requires three chips to function correctly.

The increase is around $30 for the base model. The screen also was bumped up from $80 per device up to $95 per device after closer inspection of the hardware. [Read more…]

How to Fix Apple iPad Wireless Issues

Several problems have been reported with the Apple iPad in that some say it is over heating, some say WiFi connectivity is having issues and some say they have power issues after switching off.

Apple [AAPL] have responded to the WiFi issues and provided a set of instructions of how to fix wifi on the Apple iPad. Basically they say the issues can be caused by dual-band routers where they suggest splitting the bands to make it easier. Another suggestion mentions resetting the network settings on the iPad and the final idea is to double check the firmware on the router you are connecting to, to make sure it’s running the latest. [Read more…]

Apple iPad SNES4iPhone Emulator Looks Great

When the iPad was launched this past weekend, one user decided to install the iPhone version of SNES4iPhone that is compatible with non-jailbroken devices. The app loaded right up and was set to run at 2X magnification along with smooth scaling in the SNES4iPhone emulator. When up and running the Super Mario Kart game was tested and results show it to look fantastic.

The video below shows the game in action. Scrolling looks smooth and the larger screen makes the game very playable. Unfortunately the SNES emulator is now available for download just yet, although we hope it will be soon.

Video can be found after the break… [Read more…]

Apple iPad – Will it Blend?

It’s probably not the first question on your mind, but it’s always the first question on Blendtec’s mind… will it Blend? This time they are referring to the Apple iPad.

The video demonstration shows Tom Dickinson folding an iPad in half to make it fit in a blender ready to be smashed in to bits of dust. Take a look after the break to see how powerful the blender is. [Read more…]

Over 300,000 Apple iPads sold on Saturday

This Saturday just gone official numbers show that more than 300,000 models of the Apple iPad were sold.

The 300,000+ includes pre-ordered iPads, sales at retail stores as well as all those that shipped to Best Buy. Other numbers from Apple [AAPL] indicate that over 1 Million iPad apps were sold that first day along with an impressive 250,000 eBooks from the iBookstore.

Piper Jaffray senior analyst Gene Munster had originally predicted Apple would sell between 200,000 and 300,000 iPads on the first day, though he upped his estimate to 600,00 to 700,000 over the weekend.

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Apple iPad gets Jailbreak on day 2

In just hours of going on sale, the Apple iPad has been jailbroke. The iPad Jailbreak was accomplished by key people on the Dev Team who made the jailbreak happen from some earlier work on a solution called Spirit.

Although jailbreaking the device in just a few hours might seem like a quick task, the team had already prepared on the iPhone and iPod touch that run the same iPhone OS as the iPad, so it was expected that the jailbreak would happen same day.

With the Apple [AAPL] device now being jailbroke, it shouldn’t be too long before a stable build of the software is created allowing for others to jailbreak their devices. No official date has been given yet though and perhaps, the team will be inclined to wait for the launch of the iPad Wi-Fi+3G model later this month. [Read more…]