iFixit investigate FCC iPad Internal Images

iFixit were quick off the mark and have analysed the FCC Apple iPad internal images in more depth than the average person it seems. The team have managed to extract the RAW files associated with the images which allowed them to essentially remove the blanks to reveal the real images behind including all the chip numbers associated with the chips.

The iPad model from Apple [AAPL] analysed by the FCC carries the internal name of #A1219. iFixit also point out that Apple had asked the FCC to keep this information covered up till August 17 this year. It’s not clear if the FCC didn’t realise the blanked out text could be fixed, or if they don’t really bow to Apple’s demands. Either way, all the info is there although in some cases a little hard to see due to low resolution shots.

Tomorrow when iFixit get hold of an iPad they will be doing a full comparison to see if anything has changed since the iPad first went to the FCC. Also they will be going way more in depth to look at actual components used and how it’s all pieced together.

We’ll post an update tomorrow to let you know when the team start the teardown.

Via: iFixit


  1. Jailbreak says

    I can’t believe that the FCC released this info immediately before the iPad was launched. The FCC must need some website traffic! 🙂

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