Flickr add HTML5 Video Playback

Flickr have announced that they have launched HTML5 video playback designed right now for those specifically who use the Apple iPad. The iPad, you’ll remember, doesn’t have flash video capabilities and from what we understand, it never will. Luckily for Apple [AAPL], unluckily for Adobe, it seems many of the major publishers are actually in the process of converting video over to the HTML5 standard that will allow the iPad to browse the news and photography sites without getting the small blue brick that indicates Flash is needed.

Flickr have designed their HTML5 videos to work on the iPad and bring the full browsing experience of flickr video and flickr photos to the iPad.

It’s a smart move and one that all companies should look at making. It’s obvious that the Apple iPad is going to be a big hit considering they have sold out of all pre-orders with new shipping dates of 12 April for new pre-orders being mentioned. When that many people own a product and the product refuses to run Flash, publishers need to adapt to what will work.

It makes you wonder how many more companies will follow to get their content working on the iPad.

Via: Gaj-It and Flickr

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