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Rooted Nook Color Gets Amazon Kindle App

Users of the Nook Color from Barnes & Noble now have an interesting way to read books. Rather than reading B&N books only, it is now possible to install the Amazon Kindle app on the Nook and use books designed for the Kindle on the Nook.

Achieving this requires that you root the Nook Color by installing an image on your microSD card. Once installed, you get the Kindle App for Android as well as several other Android apps such as YouTube, GMail and others. [Read more…]

Skype for iPhone Gets Video Calls

Skype for the iPhone has received an update bringing it up to version 3.0. This is the very same version we reported on a couple of days ago that had leaked on one of the Skype websites.

What Skype 3.0 brings to the iPhone is video calling, but video calling isn’t restricted to just WiFi, good news here is that Skype allow video calls over WiFi and 3G.

Two-Way video calls can be established between various devices including the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4th gen although on the 3GS the rear camera will need to be used which doesn’t help things. [Read more…]

Windows Phone Market Place Hits 5,000 Apps

The Windows Phone Marketplace appears to be off to quite a good start. We hear reports today that there are now a total of 5,000 apps in the Market ready for users of WP7 smartphones to download.

To put this in to a bit of perspective, webOS has a similar amount of apps if we understand correctly. The BlackBerry App World has around 15,000 at the moment and Android/iOS each have a huge amount of apps available for download. [Read more…]

Skype to Bring Video Calls to iPhone 4

The message above shows what we could be seeing early next year… that is video calls on Skype on a Verizon iPhone if the image is to be believed.

As well as posting the image above on the Skype website, some documents were also posted that provided details on how to use video calls on the iPhone 4 using Skype. [Read more…]

iPad Mini Spotted Again

Just before Christmas, pictures of a mini iPad (perhaps a 7 inch screen) were circulated around the internet. Although it couldn’t be confirmed if it was the real deal or not, it did look quite convincing in that the proportions were about right, the bezel was quite thin and you could see iOS (or a photograph of iOS) running on the screen.

Late Christmas day, we received a tip from Edd Withers who claims he was sent more pictures of a mini iPad. Although we’d love to think they were the real thing, they just don’t quite convince us as much as we want. [Read more…]

iPad 2 Getting Closer – Rumor Roundup

One of the hot gadgets of 2010 has been the Apple iPad. Ever since it was first revealed back in January of 2010, rumors of the iPad 2 started. Most notably, it was pointed out that no cameras were to be included on the original which then made a good point to start with the iPad 2 rumors.

This post is intends to track all the rumors including what size screen it will have, what type of screen as well as many hardware changes. Also, iPad 2 release dates, or rumored release dates we should say, will be mentioned.

A lot of the rumors start with comparisons against the iPhone 4. This includes the Retina Display, front (and back) facing cameras as well as the flat back. [Read more…]

NikeWoman Training Club for iPhone Updated

Nike has launched a number of apps for iOS based devices, more specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch. These include Nike+ GPS, Nike BOOM as well as a number of Football apps. The latest is the NikeWoman Training Club app that acts as a personal trainer for users.

The app size is a healthy 655MB in size which is due to a number of training videos that are included in the app which assist you in exercising correctly. [Read more…]

New iPad 2 Rumors Point Towards Thinner Bezel and Larger Speaker

Some new iPad 2 rumors are floating around today. This time the rumors hint at a thinner bezel all around as well as a flat back and a larger speaker.

The thinner bezel has been described as being 3mm thinner with the device also said to still have a 9.7 inch display just like the current model. This makes the iPad a little smaller in dimensions and brings it to 239x186mm down from 242.8 x 189.7. [Read more…]

Skype Downtime Acknowledged by Skype

Today, Skype went down for many users across the globe. For most people an error popped up while trying to log in. For those who can log in, it often shows no friends online.

Skype has acknowledged the downtime in a blog post over here. [Read more…]

Sky+ for iPhone Updated to Work with iPad

The Sky+ app for the iPhone is a handy piece of software that lets you connect it up to your Sky+ account and remotely record TV shows. The app has just received an update today that now makes it fully compatible with the iPad.

The iPad version is very similar to the iPhone version although it does have a few differences. This includes the obvious larger screen real estate usage that makes it easier to see what’s on over the next 7 days. Also in the iPad version a new Highlights system can be found that shows the top 10 shows for the day. [Read more…]

Google Nexus S Gets an OTA Update

The Google Nexus S has only been out a week or so, but already has its first OTA update being pushed to it from what a number of users are reporting on the XDA-Developers forums. What we know right now is that the update has a few bug fixes within it as well as a map update.

The Nexus S OTA update appears to be rolling out in stages as some users are getting alerts about it while others are not at the moment. [Read more…]

Samsung Epic 4G Android 2.2 Update Release Date is Soon

Good news is in store for owners of the Samsung Epic 4G. It looks like an Android 2.2 update is heading your way on December 26.

The screenshot below explains that a new software update will arrive OTA beginning December 26 and that it will be Froyo. The updates will be spread out over about 4 days from what we see below. [Read more…]