HTC Sensation XL Now Available in the UK

The HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio is now available in the UK unlocked and SIM free. The device has a 4.7 inch scratch resistant display and runs a 1.5GHz processor.

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How the Nokia N9 is Made

The Nokia N9 looks like a fantastic bit of hardware. Knowing this, Nokia has now posted a video on Youtube showing the process by which they make the N9. Although it doesn’t go in to every single detail, it does cover a few of the main key features and how the device is put together.

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Android Google Maps Update Brings NFC Support and a Few UI Tweaks

Google Maps for Android has been updated in preparation for the launch of 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The details on the Android Market page only shows that the app has been update to include “Reduced app storage size with downloads for different screen resolutions” although Phandroid has managed to take a closer look at the app to see a few more changes within.

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New Apple Advert Shows off Siri

Apple [AAPL] has aired its first ad for Siri on TV. The new ad doesn’t mention anything about the iPhone 4S other than right at the end. Instead, it just focusses on how people can use Siri to interact with the iPhone 4S.

The whole ad is a bunch of questions that people ask and then shows some of the answers that the Siri gives.

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HTC Considering Ice Cream Sandwich Options

Following on from the Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich announcement, HTC has now chipped in with what its plans are moving forwards. Of course, Samsung managed to score the lead by getting the Galaxy Nexus deal but this doesn’t mean that ICS will only appear on Samsung devices.

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iPhone 4S Teardown Begins

iFixit now has an iPhone 4S and has begun taking it apart to check and confirm exactly what is inside of it. We’ve seen various official pictures from Apple that show the A5 processor and battery but other than that we don’t know the exact chips which should reveal a few more details about the inner workings of the device.

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iPhone 5 Might Not Arrive in 64GB Capacity

One of the rumours about the iPhone 5 is that it will be supplied in a larger capacity of 64GB. Today, a screen shot hints that this might not be so. A screenshot (displayed below), shows some internal system from Korea Telecom which has three devices listed. Each begin AIP5 which means Apple iPhone 5 (similar to the AIP4 from last year). Two of those devices listed have capacities mentioned, one with 16GB and the other with 32GB. The final 00 model means it is an unlocked device and not a different model of the device.

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Success of iPad Causes Delays for BlackBerry PlayBook

Due to the success of the Apple iPad and the amount of devices it needs to fulfil orders, it seems to have caused a delay for the BlackBerry PlayBook to be launched. Digitimes is reporting that Apple took most of the available capacity which in turn, didn’t leave enough for a PlayBook launch.

Sources from touch screen panel makers also pointed out that PlayBook shipments were postponed for about a month from the original schedule due to a delay in software testing as well as shortage of touch panels because Apple already booked up most of the available capacity.

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12 Petabytes of Storage Solution Purchased by Apple – iTunes Cloud Coming?

Apple is rumored to have purchased 12 Petabytes of storage. The exact reason is unknown although we hear it’s to complement the storage space for iTunes video.

The information comes from Storage Newsletter who found out from an “inside source” about the purchase of the storage solution.

Rumors of a digital storage service… aka iTunes Cloud, have been going around for a while now and perhaps the purchase of this amount of storage space could be for the service to launch within a few months time. [Read more…]

Keyboardless webOS Smartphone Leaked

The device pictured here is what is believed to be a webOS based keyboardless smartphone.

The photo was sent to PreCentral by a tipster. The device is believed to be the Stingray, which its codename appeared in webOS recently.

The screen size isn’t known, other than best guesses by looking at the above image, although the screen resolution is expected to be 480×800 pixels. [Read more…]

Nikon D5100 Announced

The D5100 is a new digital SLR from Nikon that has been described as being for the advanced beginner. The camera is a successor to the older D5000.

The D5100 can capture both still and full HD video at 1080p. When capturing in full HD, you have the option of 24/25 or 30 frames per second. On the back you’ll find an articulating display that measures 3 inches (about 921k dots) and is capable of relaying Live View.

The sensor found inside is 16.2 megapixels which is the same as the high-end consumer camera called the D7000. [Read more…]

New Photoshop App for iPad Demonstrated

Photoshop for the iPad can currently be described as a very basic image editor that lets you add some effects, change colors and do some basic manipulation. This will soon change though as a new version of Photoshop for iPad has been revealed. The new version allows even more interaction with images on the iPad and includes the ability to work with layers.

No release date has been made available yet for the app. The cost is also not known although we could see the same as the current Photoshop app in that it could just land as a free update. We expect to know more about this in the coming weeks. [Read more…]