Apple iPad Announced

After many months of rumours, Apple [AAPL] have officially announced the Apple iPad. iPad will be the official name and not Apple Tablet, Apple iSlate or whatever else we were expecting.

The iPad has been described as being very thin and promises the best web browsing experience to date of any mobile device. It has been described as being way better than a phone and way better than a laptop. The screen is capable of showing a full web page at a time which can easily be zoomed in to.

The Apple iPad has also been described as being phenomenal for email with drop down menus, features along with a full QWERTY virtual keyboard that works in landscape mode.

Overall it looks to be an amazing device although Engadget do report in their live blog of the event that they spotted flash was still not available on the device. However, Youtube and Youtube HD do work on the device.

We’ll give a full roundup later of the device, so keep a look out.

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