Sky+ for iPhone Updated to Work with iPad

The Sky+ app for the iPhone is a handy piece of software that lets you connect it up to your Sky+ account and remotely record TV shows. The app has just received an update today that now makes it fully compatible with the iPad.

The iPad version is very similar to the iPhone version although it does have a few differences. This includes the obvious larger screen real estate usage that makes it easier to see what’s on over the next 7 days. Also in the iPad version a new Highlights system can be found that shows the top 10 shows for the day.

Also, recommended programs have been added and are update each hour to show you what’s worth watching. Program suggestions have been added to the app and uses data about what you watch and then recommends shows you might be interested in.

Overall, a very handy app. It’s also free to download. Just a shame that Virgin don’t make a V+ iPad app! The app is available in iTunes.

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