Windows Phone Market Place Hits 5,000 Apps

The Windows Phone Marketplace appears to be off to quite a good start. We hear reports today that there are now a total of 5,000 apps in the Market ready for users of WP7 smartphones to download.

To put this in to a bit of perspective, webOS has a similar amount of apps if we understand correctly. The BlackBerry App World has around 15,000 at the moment and Android/iOS each have a huge amount of apps available for download.

What’s more important to remember here is that the rate of which apps is being added is looking good. On December 15 there were 4000 apps and on the first of the month it was 3000 apps, so we are seeing an increase here which we think will continue throughout 2011.

As for how many apps we expect in the Windows Phone Market Place by the end of 2011, we could only guess at mid 5 figures roughly.

Via: WP Central

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