Google Nexus S Gets an OTA Update

The Google Nexus S has only been out a week or so, but already has its first OTA update being pushed to it from what a number of users are reporting on the XDA-Developers forums. What we know right now is that the update has a few bug fixes within it as well as a map update.

The Nexus S OTA update appears to be rolling out in stages as some users are getting alerts about it while others are not at the moment.

One other user hints that some of the browser lag problems have also been fixed with this particular update. What hasn’t been updated appears to be the blurry MMS problems that a number of users are reporting.

As it’s a small update, don’t expect much else. The update is less than 2Mb in size which means only a few small tweaks will have been made to the phone.


  1. does anyone has updated his phone with these updates?

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