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Verizon Galaxy Tab Drops to $499 Off Contract

Best Buy has discounted the Samsung Galaxy Tab on the Verizon network. The new price brings it down from $599.99 right down to $499.99. This price is for the Samsung Galaxy Tab off contract.

By paying outright for the Galaxy Tab, it allows you to get a cheaper price plan for data as well as not being locked in to a contract long term. [Read more…]

iPad Clamcase Includes Full Chiclet Style Keyboard

The device you see here is an iPad attached to an iPad Clamcase. The Clamcase is an all-in-one keyboard, case and stand that allows you to use the iPad as a tablet or laptop if needed.

The Keyboard is Chiclet style and is a full QWERTY keyboard and has 14 function keys. It connects to the iPad with Bluetooth 2.0 and has its own built-in battery that can provide about 90 hours of uninterrupted use. The Clamcase uses a micro USB port for charging. [Read more…]

Where Gets The “Mother of All Geofencing Patents” Awarded

Where, is a company who has just been awarded what they call the “Mother of All Geofencing Patents”. For those unfamiliar with Geofencing, it is the ability to define a virtual area around a business in which users running specific software on their phone will be alerted about a deal when they walk through the virtual fence. As well as being a static location of a couple of blocks (for example), it could also be a moving Geofence and attached to a device or product.

This patent could send targeted ads to users walking in to specific areas or could also be used to transmit coupon codes when users walk nearby a shop with offers in. [Read more…]

Camera+ iPhone App Back in the App Store

The Camera+ app for the iPhone has had a colorful past. It first got removed from the App Store in August of this year for the reason that it used one of the iPhone volume buttons as a shutter button.

The company behind the Camera+ app removed this ability and resubmitted and managed to get the app re-approved. However, the Camera+ app still had a sneaky easter egg inside that let you visit a URL with your phone, and once visiting it sneakily added the volume button shutter back to the app. Apple [AAPL] of course removed the app again at this point. [Read more…]

HTC EVO Shift 4G Spotted

The HTC Evo Shift 4G has been spotted. The device is a QWERTY slider smartphone and looks similar to the original Evo although it’s a little smaller than the previous version.

The processor inside runs at 800MHz from what a tipster mentions. It looks to run similar innards to the T-Mobile G2 which also runs that speed processor. [Read more…]

Sony Ericsson LiveView Update Coming Next Month

When the Sony Ericsson LiveView launched, it was described in reviews as being a good concept. The downside is that the hardware suffered from random disconnects and crashes.

For those that like the idea, you’ll be glad to know that Sony Ericsson will be launching an update for the LiveView and once installed, it should fix a number of the bugs that were found by reviewers and users. [Read more…]

RC Micro Metal Gyro Copter

ThinkGeek is currently selling the RC Micro Metal Gyro Copter with a 38% discount.

The RC helicopter is different to most others in that it has a light alloy body. Inside you’ll also find some fancy tech that helps make it easier to fly such as an accelerometer that can measure which way the copter is flying and provides instructions to the innards to compensate for problems. [Read more…]

iPhone Headphones Created to Measure Heart Rate

Some new headphones/earphones have been created for the iPhone that allows you to monitor your heartrate. The normal way apps measure your heartrate is by using data collected from a device wrapped around your chest.

The new headphones are capable of sitting in your ears and use a device that measures information in the tissues of your ear. This data is collected and displayed on the screen of the iPhone. All the user needs to do is wear the earphones and listen to music as normal and the data is collected. [Read more…]

Nexus S Video Calls Made Possible with Tango

When Google [GOOG] launched the Nexus S a week or so ago, it became apparent that the front facing camera could not be utilised for video calling due to software not being updated (such as Google Talk and other apps).

Good news is that the Tango app has now received an update that brings video calling to the Nexus S smartphone. The application is free and comes with an update note saying that it now supports the front facing camera on the Google Nexus S. [Read more…]

IN MEDIA Windows 7 Tablet Announced

IN Media has announced that it will be launching a new tablet in 2011. The tablet will be running the Windows 7 operating system and will run a 1.66GHz Intel Atom Processor. For storage it will use a hard drive with a capacity of 160GB.

A HDMI interface is included on the device allowing users to play content over a TV or projector. The device will have a 6 inch screen that is LCD which the company says brings Skype and Social Networking to a whole new level. We are not so sure at the moment what that actually means. [Read more…]

Android Pantech Vega X Launches

Pantech is launching the Pantech Vega X smartphone this week over in South Korea. The device will be landing on the KT and LG telecom networks.

OS wise, it runs Android 2.2 and is powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. A large 4 inch WVGA screen is used on the device. On the back is a 5 megapixel camera. [Read more…]

Mobile Safari on iPhone iOS 4.2 Can Access Gyro

Mobile Safari on the iPhone 4 and latest gen iPod touch has access to the gyroscope it has been revealed. This ability comes from the latest version of iOS which is currently iOS 4.2.1.

What this does is lets the browser be controlled by the Gyroscope built in to the latest iOS devices. An example can be found at the URL… . [Read more…]