Rooted Nook Color Gets Amazon Kindle App

Users of the Nook Color from Barnes & Noble now have an interesting way to read books. Rather than reading B&N books only, it is now possible to install the Amazon Kindle app on the Nook and use books designed for the Kindle on the Nook.

Achieving this requires that you root the Nook Color by installing an image on your microSD card. Once installed, you get the Kindle App for Android as well as several other Android apps such as YouTube, GMail and others.

The reason the Nook Color can run the Amazon Kindle app is that it’s essentially an Android based Tablet that has some code that boots in to the Nook App by default when you switch the device on. By rooting the Nook you can bypass the default Nook app to stop it loading and then install the Android Market which in turn, lets you use the Nook as an Android Tablet rather than just an eReader.

More details of how to get the Kindle App running on the Nook Color can be found over here.

Via: Crunch Gear

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