iPad Mini Spotted Again

Just before Christmas, pictures of a mini iPad (perhaps a 7 inch screen) were circulated around the internet. Although it couldn’t be confirmed if it was the real deal or not, it did look quite convincing in that the proportions were about right, the bezel was quite thin and you could see iOS (or a photograph of iOS) running on the screen.

Late Christmas day, we received a tip from Edd Withers who claims he was sent more pictures of a mini iPad. Although we’d love to think they were the real thing, they just don’t quite convince us as much as we want.

One thing to note is that the previous version posted was a 3G model (black antenna seen on top bezel). This model looks to be the WiFi version. The bezel on these new pictures is huge which leads us to think it’s a fake. Also, it looks marginally thicker than a 9.7 inch iPad.

What are your thoughts? Is this a real iPad Mini, or is it just a cheap fake? More pics at Edd Withers.


  1. good…………

  2. 3. got it and I love it, never let it go

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