Lego Furniture with LunaBlocks

lego-furnitureIf you are a fan of Lego then you can now deck out your home with Lego furniture. A company have created LunaBlocks which are a tad larger then your average Lego brick. Measuring 38 x 19cm they are ample size to quickly build a sofa or armchair if needs be.

The cool thing about these Lego bricks, apart from being massive, is that you can build them any way you want. If your sofa doesn’t look good enough then take it apart and build one a different shape and size. Simple really! Although very pricey as one standard 4 x 2 brick costs 95 Euros from what my understanding of French is.

Product Page Via: Coated


  1. I could so easily nerd out with these, even at the price. Presumably they’re made of foam or sponge and not hard plastic!

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