iCEphone Tri-Folding Phone

icephoneYou probably have heard of mobile phones before that either slide open to reveal a keypad or a QWERTY keyboard. What you might not have seen is a phone that folds three ways. The iCEphone does just that. It is to be released from The Medical Phone Ltd company and will ship in the UK soon.

The phone is capable of being used for portable video games. That’s not all though, a GPS unit is embedded in to this smartphone. The Three-way hinge allows you to access the full QWERTY keyboard and the second drop down section of the phone contains a mouse tracker with gaming controls. The screen is quite large at 3 inches and has a 240 x 400 resolution.

In case you were wondering, this phone’s name stands for ‘In Case of Emergency Phone. It features a 3G connection with support for GPRS and EDGE, has two SIM card slots, WiFI, a 3.1 megapixel camera. This phone is powered by a 532 MHz Freescale iMX31 processor and runs on Windows Mobile 6.0 Pro. The iCEphone will be available in Thailand first, then in the UK in the spring of next year for just under $1,000.

Product Page Via: SlashGear

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